The plating thickness measurement is an important part of the electroplating process quality inspection and an important guarantee for the quality of the electroplating products. Plating thicikness gauge is a kind of non-destructive measurement method. 

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LS221 Coating Thickness Gauge (2nd)

Measuring range: 0.0-2000μm.

Fast measurement, 0.5s measuring interval.

Ferrous/Non ferrous thickness gauge.

Sperate thickness meter used in narrow space.


LS223 Coating thickness gauge+F3N3 Probe

1.Measuring range:0.0-3000μm
2.Fast measurement, 0.5s measuring interval
3.No calibration, just zero adjustment.
4.With temperature compensation function and digitalizing analog signal function,can provide an excellent measuring accuracy


LS223 Coating Thickness Gauge

Measuring range: Fe:0.0-5000μm NFe:0.0-3000μm.

Fast measurement, 0.5s measuring interval.

Simple zero calibration.

Temperature compensation function.


LS220H Dry Film Thickness Gauge

Highly sensitive probe, 0.5s measuring interval.

Ferrous/Non ferrous thickness meter.

Dry film thickness measurement within 2000μm. 

High accuracy and good repeatability.


LS225+F500 Plating Thickness Gauge

Measure plating thickness below 10 μm.

Adopt digital oscillation technology.

Test fixture is optional.

Suport 1-5 points calibration.