Linshang as a paint meter supplier manufactures a variety of paint thickness gauge for measuring the coating thickness of used cars,dry film, etc

LS220 Automotive Paint Meter (2nd)

1.Measuring range:0.0-2000μm
2.Fast measurement, 0.5s measuring interval
3.No calibration, just zero adjustment
4.With integrated probe,More convenient to carry out


LS220B Bluetooth Automotive Paint Meter

1.Bluetooth version,save test data on the mobile app and test report can be printed
2.Digital probe with stable data
3.Highly sensitive probe, measuring one data within 0.5S
4.Professional for second used car paint surface thickness detection


LS230 Car Paint Meter (Single OLED screen)

1. New OLED car paint meter
2. Use in -40℃ environment
3. Test car paint thickness
4. Fast measurement, 0.5s measuring interval


LS232 Car Paint Meter (Dual OLED screen)

1. Use in -40℃ environment
2. Dual OLED screen
3. Small size and easy to carry
4. Fast measurement in 0.5s