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Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co., Ltd. (www.linshangtech.com) is a leading manufacturer of measuring instruments. Established on June 16, 2008, LInshang boasts its independent and strong design, research and development, production and sales of a wide range of measuring instruments. Our own trademark "Linshang" was registered in 2010. By now, Linshang has obtained 25 national patents and national high-tech enterprise certificates from 2015 to 2021.

Linshang specializes in five main categories: solar film measurement, optical transmittance, ultraviolet measurement, gloss and coating thickness measurement, thickness and hardness measurement. Our products consists of Solar Film Transmission Meters, Spectrum Transmission Meters, Light Transmittance Meters, UV Energy Meters, UV Light Meters, Glass Thickness Meters, Gloss meters, Coating thickness gauges, Portable colorimeter, Vacuum coating online thickness monitors, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge etc.

Holding fast to business philosophy of "Quality, Innovation, Concentration and Integrity", LInshang dedicates to technology innovation to launch new products and improve product quality constantly. We offer cost-effective products, quick-responsive pre/after-sales service support to our distributors and end-customers.

In the pursuit of excellence and stability, we stick to steady, sustainable and long-term business development.


Obtained 25 national patents and
independent intellectual property rights


Five product assortments
containing over 60 models


Having served over 30,000 clients


Annual defective rate within 0.3%


Per capita output value over
1 million CNY for 5 consecutive years


Annual income maintaining a 30%
growth rate for 5 consecutive years


Our Mission

Provide high-quality and cost-effective instruments to benefit more customers.

Our Vision

Become a first-class enterprise in instrument industry and make measurement easier.

Our Business Philosophy

Pursue the material and spiritual happiness of employees as well as the excellent client experience based on quality and integrity.

Corporate Action Plan

Analyze and resolve problems from the perspective of clients and serve clients wholeheartedly.

Try our best to meet clients' needs.

Create true values for clients with our products, not just maximizing our own interests.


  • 2022

    Newly launched LS236/LS195/LS196/LS197/LS211/LS212/LS213; Awarded National High-tech Enterprise Certificate for the third time;

  • 2021

    Newly launuched FS3150 Solar Film Demo Kits, 5 models of handheld colorimters with touch screen as well as gloss meter with small aperture LS193

  • 2020

    Newly launched LS225+F500, N1500/LS230/LS232/LS170/LS171/LS132/LS133;
    Obtained Certificate of Confirmity(CE) for UV energy meter LS130/LS131, transmission meter LS108/LS108A/LS108D/LS108H;
    Obtained Patent Certificate for colorimters

  • 2019

    Newly launched LS130/LS131/LS220B/LS220H/LS163/LS163A;
    Obtained Patent Certificate for coating thickness gauges and gloss meters;
    Obtained Computer software copyright registration certificate for LS126C;
    Obtained Certificate of Confirmity(CE) for solar film temperature meter LS300/LS301

  • 2018

    Awarded National High-tech Enterprise Certificate for the second time;
    Newly launched UV light meter with mini probe LS126A and coating thickness gauge series

  • 2017

    Newly launched UV digital probe LS129;
    Obtained Patent Certificate for coating thickness gauges and gloss meters

  • 2016

    Complete upgrade of the 4th generation Optical Density(OD) online detection transmittance online detection LS152 and light transmission meter LS110/LS110A;
    Newly launched LS301

  • 2015

    Newly launched solar film transmission meter LS162/LS162A and gloss meter LS192;
    Awarded National High-tech Enterprise Certificate

  • 2014

    Newly launched LS180/LS183/LS125 series

  • 2013

    Newly launched LS126C/LS120/LS152 series;
    Obtained Patent Certificate for solar film transmission meter, Solar film Temperature Meter, Optical Density(OD) online detection transmittance online detection as well as UV energy meter

  • 2012

    Newly launched transmission meter LS108A;
    Obtained Patent Certificate for optical transmission meter and digital glass thickness meter

  • 2011

    Newly launched transmission meter LS160;
    Successfully developed solar film online optical inspection system

  • 2010

    Registration of trademark "Linshang";
    Successfully development of light transmission meter

  • 2008

    Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co., Ltd founded on June 16th,2008;
    Newly launched solar film transmission meter LS100 series


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Production workshop

production workshop

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Production workshop

Production workshop

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Instrument production

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Company honor

Every certificate and honor represents our commitment to our clients as well as responsibility and perpetural drive of development.

Trademark 'Linshang'

Trademark "Linshang" was registered in November of 2010. Intellectual Property Management System Certification was acquired in 2019. Trademark "Linshang" got certified by European Union Intellectual Property Office,EUIPO.

National High-tech Enterprise Certificate

Linshang Technology was consecutively awarded National High-tech Enterprise Certificate in 2015 and 2018.

Linshang Technology has acquired 22 national patent on development, appearance and practical usage among its independent R&D product series. Also several patent in process of application get published.

Certificate of Confirmity(CE)

Linshang has oabtained Certificate of Confirmity(CE) for several products.

Software copyright registration certificates

Linshang has oabtained several Software copyright registration certificates.



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