Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co., Ltd. ( was established on June 16, 2008. The company adheres to independent design, research and development, production and sales of various measuring instruments, and builds its own brand. "Linshang" trademark registration success in 2010, At present, company have obtained 12 national patents and national high-tech enterprise certificates.

       At present, the company's instrument are mainly divided into four categories: solar film measurement, optical transmittance, ultraviolet measurement, gloss and coating thickness measurement. Products include: Solar Film Transmission Meter, IR Power Meter , Spectrum Transmission Meter , Light Transmittance Meter, UV Energy Meter, UV Light Meter , Glass Thickness Meter , Vacuum coating online thickness monitor, Gloss meter ,Coating thickness gauge.

       Linshang business philosophy is "Quality, Innovation, Concentration, Integrity". Products continue to innovate, and cooperate with a steady and steady business style to improve the quality. To provide customers with cost-effective products, timely and good pre-sale after-sales service, dedicated to the product and management of continuous improvement. In the spirit of steadfast stability, the pursuit of excellence, so that the company sustainable management.

Corporate Action Programme:
       1. We should look at the problem from the perspective of customers and serve our customers wholeheartedly.
       2. Make the best efforts to meet the needs of the customer and make the customer satisfied
       3. Let company products really help customers to create value, not just consider our own interests to maximize