Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co., Ltd. ( is a leading manufacturer of measuring instruments. Established on June 16, 2008, LInshang boasts its independent and strong design, research and development, production and sales of a wide range of measuring instruments. Our own trademark "Linshang" was registered in 2010. By now, Linshang has obtained 17 national patents and national high-tech enterprise certificates from 2015 to 2021.

Linshang specializes in four main categories: solar film measurement, optical transmittance, ultraviolet measurement, gloss and coating thickness measurement. Our products consists of Solar Film Transmission Meters, Spectrum Transmission Meters, Light Transmittance Meters, UV Energy Meters, UV Light Meters, Glass Thickness Meters, Gloss meters, Coating thickness gauges, Vacuum coating online thickness monitors, etc..

Holding fast to business philosophy of "Quality, Innovation, Concentration and Integrity", LInshang dedicates to technology innovation to launch new products and improve product quality constantly. We offer cost-effective products, quick-responsive pre/after-sales service support to our distributors and end-customers.

In the pursuit of excellence and stability, we stick to steady, sustainable and long-term business development.

I. Company honor

1.Linshang Trademark and Intellectual Management System Certificate


2. National High-tech Enterprise Certificate from 2015 to 2021

high-tech enterprise certificate

3. Software Copyright Registration Certificates

software copyright

4. 17 pieces of National Patent Certificates

national patent certificate.jpg

5.CE certificates for a number of products

CE certificate.jpg

II. Independent research and development of four major product categories

1.Solar film transmission meters

As the first one to start inventing solar film transmission meters since 2008, boasting a vast range of solar film testers for various application scenarios with different performances and sizes over 10 years development, Linshang becomes industry benchmark as solar film transmission meter expert manufactuerer with the most professional products, largest market share and most diverse product range.

transmission meter.jpg

2.UV light meters

As a leading instrument supplier in China, Linshang has leading R&D technology and complete product range. In the field of UV products, it has created many industry firsts.

In 2013, developed the first UV energy meter with real-time power measurement and power graph display in China.

In 2014, developed an UV light meter which can be equipped with up to 9 probes.

In 2017, developed the first online monitoring intelligent digital UV probe in China.

UV light meter.jpg

3.Light transmission meters

Linshang has developed a wide range of light transmission meters for the application of different industries and different product features. The application scenarios covers vacuum coating industry, mobile lens industry, glass industry and glasses lens industry,etc.. Our light transmission meters can measure materials of different wavelengths (Ultraviolet light, Infrared and Visible light), various properties (regular and diffuse transmission) and different shapes and sizes. light transmission meter.jpg

4.Material surface performance testers

Linshang is dedicated to the measurement of material surface properties, including gloss, coating thickness, color differences, hardness and other performance parameters. Up to now, Linshang has launched gloss meters, coating thickness gauges and colorimeters. In the coming days, Linshang will launch the ultrasonic coating thickness gauges and hardness testers.

gloss meter.jpg

III. Our business philosophy 

1. Our Mission

Provide high-quality and cost-effective instruments to benefit more customers.

2. Our Vision

Become a first-class enterprise in instrument industry and make measurement easier.

3. Our Business Philosophy 

 Pursue the material and spiritual happiness of employees as well as the excellent client experience based on quality and integrity.

4. Corporate Action Plan

  • Analyze and resolve problems from the perspective of clients and serve clients wholeheartedly.

  • Try our best to meet clients' needs.

  • Create true values for clients with our products, not just maximizing our own interests.