Linshang Water Quality Tester is a portable instrument for testing drinking water such as tap water, purified water and groundwater. No test paper is needed for testing, the instrument adopts UV absorbance method to measure COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), TOC (Total Organic Carbon), UV275 (Ultraviolet Absorption Value) of drinking water, and obtains TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), EC (Electrical Conductivity) of drinking water by measuring the conductivity between electrodes and can derive the T (Temperature) at the same time.LS310 is easy to operate, and the measurements can be made by putting it into the liquid. The instrument's intelligent scoring function can quickly determine the water quality level, through the LCD backlight color to indicate the water quality of excellent, good, average and poor water quality of the four different water quality level.

LS310 Water Quality Tester

1. No reagent, measure 6 water quality indicators

2. Intelligent scoring to determine the different levels of water

3. Pen type design and easy to carry

4. With ambient temperature compensation, stable value