As a supplier of laser glass thickness gauge and glass thickness measuring tool, Linshang provides two models of glass thickness gauge that can be used to measure the thickness of various glasses, i.e: single-layer glass, double glazing, triple glazing, multilayer glass, LOW-E glass, and insulating glass, especially suitable for installed glass, such as doors and windows, curtain wall glass, etc.. It can measure the glass thickness as well as the thickness of air space (between the glass). The glass check works on the basis of reflection in the glass.

For more information on the selection and FAQs of glass thickness meters, please read "Glass Thickness Gauge Selection and FAQ" for details.

LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter

Glass Thickness Scale 70mm, Air Space Scale 45mm, Accuracy: ±0.1mm.

Measure Glass and Air Space quickly from single side of IG Units.

Support Chinese and English.

Measure double glazing, triple glazing,etc.


LS200 Glass Thickness Meter

Measure Glass & Air Space quickly from single side of IG Units.

Range: Glass Thickness Scale 70mm, Air Space Scale 34mm.

Laser glass check based on reflection.


I. How to select a suitable glass thickness gauge?

To select a cost-effective glass thickness gauge, what users concern most is the functions of the glass thickness gauge including the glass thickness measurement tool application fields and glass thickness measurement range. Hereby, we list some necessary functions about the glass thickness measuring tools. To choose the best glass thickness gauge, we have some tips for you to refer to.

  • Uses laser reflection pinciples for glass thickness measurements.

  • Suitable for measuring single layer glass, double glazing, triple glazing, laminated glass, insulated glass, etc.

  • It is accurate to measure from either side of the installed glass, no need to remove the panel and no exposed edges or opening required.

  • It can also measure the thickness of air space intermediate layers in sealed IG Units.

  • Simple to use and easy to carry – Just one button to press and read the results. An instrument that grandma would use.

II. How to Measure Glass Thickness?

1. Measure triple glazing using LS201 digital glass thickness meter

LS201 is a digital glass thickness meter, press the "Measure" button to measure the thickness of the sample. The thickness of the glass and air space will be directly displayed on the screen. We take the measurement of triple glazing as an example.

glass thickness gauge

  • The thickness of glass 1, glass 2 and glass 3 are 5.86mm, 5.93mm and 5.89mm respectively.

  • The thickness of air space 1 and air space 2 are 12.72mm and 12.63mm.

2. Measure double glazing using LS200 laser glass thickness gauge

LS200 is a laser glass thickness gauge that needs to be read by a scale. The glass thickness is calculated based on the upper scale data. The thickness of the air layer is calculated based on the lower scale data. We take the measurement of double glazing as an example.

glass thickness meter

  • The glass thickness of the first layer = A-B = 30-25 = 5mm

  • The air space thickness = B-C =12-2 = 10mm

  • The glass thickness of the second layer = C-D = 5-0 = 5mmI

III. Glass Measurement Using Glass Thickness Gauge

The glass thickness gauge is used for the accurate thickness measurement of flat glass. Some of glass types that can be measured is as below:

Triple glazed (IG units) Double glazed (IG units) Single pane float glass
Low-E glass Tempered glass Bronzed glass
Tinted glass Laminated glass (measure total thickness) Bullet-proof glass

IV. Application Field of Glass Thickness Gauge

Glass manufacturers Glass importers Window and door manufacturers
Window and door importers Window installers and glazier Building consultant and inspectors
Risk and insurance appraisers Property directors

Buildings and automotive

window tint company

V. Glass can't be Measured with a Glass Thickness Gauge

Glass types cannot be measured or only to a limited extent with a glass thickness gauge:

Satin-finished glass Laminated glass with matte Glass with strongly coloured films
Sandblasted glass Glass with high reflectivity Glass with interference coating