LS310 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Tester

Solve the problem of drinking water quality testing

No reagent, measure 6 water quality indicators
Intelligent scoring to determine the different levels of water quality
Pen type design, easy to carry
With ambient temperature compensation, stable value

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LS310 water quality tester is a special instrument for testing the water quality of drinking water, using UV absorbance method to measure the COD, TOC and UV275 water quality parameters of drinking water, by measuring the conductivity between the electrodes to obtain the TDS and conductivity of drinking water. The instrument can measure 6 water quality indicators at the same time, and judge the water quality all-round. LS310 water quality tester is mainly used for testing tap water, purified water and groundwater and other drinking water.

Dangers of drinking poor water quality


Intelligent scoring, indicating 4 different levels

The instrument through the LCD backlight color indicates fine quality, good quality, average quality and poor quality 4 levels, the measurement results are very intuitive.

No reagents, measuring 6 water quality parameters simultaneously

The instrument does not need any reagent, can measure COD (chemical oxygen demand), TOC (total organic carbon), UV275 (ultraviolet absorption value), TDS (total dissolved solids), electrical conductivity, temperature 6 water quality indicators at the same time, all-round evaluation of water quality.

Indicator Analysis

COD (mg / L) chemical oxygen demand

Measure the amount of reducing substances that need to be oxidized in the water sample, a comprehensive reflection of the degree of organic pollution of the water, the lower the value indicates that the water is polluted by organic pollutants, the lower the degree of pollution

TOC (mg/L) total organic carbon

Carbon is the common component of all organic matter, the main element of organic matter, the higher the TOC value of water, the higher the organic content of water, total carbon is an indicator to evaluate the organic pollution of water quality

UV275 (au/cm) ultraviolet absorption value

Absorbance of some organic matter in water at 275nm wavelength, reflecting the number of various types of macromolecular organic compounds in water

EC (au/cm) electrical conductivity

Theoretically H2O non-conductive liquid in the more charged substances the greater the conductivity of the liquid, commonly used in various industries to measure the concentration of the solution

TDS (ppm) total dissolved solids

The total amount of various ionic molecules and compounds dissolved in water, the higher the TDS value, the more dissolved substances contained in the water.

TEM (℃) temperature

Measure the temperature change of water

Solve the traditional water quality testing pain points

● Traditional water quality testing pain points
● Time consuming laboratory tests by testing institutions
● Large-scale testing equipment and consumables are expensive
● TDS water quality testing index single, can not be true and comprehensive judgment of water quality
● Sudden water quality pollution, the user hindsight

Multi-dimensional parameter scoring

Mineral water is rich in trace elements, avoiding the problem of inaccurate data judged by TDS alone.

Indirectly reflect the residual chlorine content in water

Indirectly indicate the residual chlorine content of water through UV275 indicator, the higher the residual chlorine content, the larger the UV275 value

Pen design, compact and portable

The instrument is designed in pen style, compact and portable, easy to carry and use.

The instrument has ambient temperature compensation function, allowing long-period calibration

Sensitive probes for more accurate measurements

High precision temperature sensor, accurate temperature measurement

Probe is waterproof and meets the waterproof rating IP67


Qualifications and Standards

LS310 water quality tester meets the following standards:

  • GB5749-2022 Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water

  • GBT5750-2023 Standard Test Methods for Drinking Water

  • JJG 821-2005 Total organic carbon analyzer test procedure

  • JJG 376-2007 Conductivity meter testing procedures



Measurement Object Tap water, purified water, bottled water, ground water, surface water (non-sewage) and other drinking water
Measurement parameters COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
TOC (Total Organic Carbon)
UV275 (Ultraviolet Absorption Value)
TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
Electrical conductivity
Measurement Range COD(0-100mg/L),
Electrical conductivity(0-4000us/cm),
Resolution COD(0.01mg/L), TOC(0.01mg/L), UV275(0.001au/cm), TDS(1ppm), Conductivity(1us/cm), Temperature(0.1℃)
Accuracy COD: 0-5mg/L:±0.5mg/L; 5-100mg/L:±10%H,H is the standard value
TOC: 0-5mg/L: ±0.5mg/L; 5-100mg/L: ±10%H, H is the standard value
UV275: 0-0.1au/cm: ±0.01au/cm; 0.1-1.0au/cm: ±10%H, H is the standard value
TDS: 0-100ppm: ±5ppm; 100-2000ppm: ±5%H, H is the standard value
Electrical conductivity: 0-200us/cm: ±10us/cm; 200-4000us/cm: ±5%H, H is the standard value
Temperature: ±2℃
Display 240*135 1.14 inch TFT color screen
Power Supply 2 AAA alkaline dry batteries
Size 157 * 37 * 14mm
Weight About68g
Working   Temperature Range 0~50℃
Storage   Temperature Range -10~60℃,0~85%RH(no condensation)


No. Product   Name Quantity Unit
1 Water Quality Tester 1 set
2 AAA alkaline battery 2 pcs
4 User Manual 1 pcs


Water quality tester tests tap water, contaminated water and salt water

Water quality tester detects residual chlorine

Water quality tester detects E. coli

Water quality tester detects pesticide residues

Water quality tester VS TDS Tester

Water quality tester measured hand washing water

Water quality tester measures mountain spring water