As a manufacturer of desktop spectrum transmission meter, Linshang Technology provides you with a series of light transmittance meters, including LS108A, LS108D lens transmssion tester for testing IR holes of mobile phone covers, and LS108 blue-violet tester for eyeglass lenses. Universal desktop light transmission meter LS108H, portable optical transmission measuring instrument LS183.

For detailed selection and frequently asked questions of light transmission meter, please click "Light Transmission Meter Selection and FAQ" for details.

LS108D Lens Transmission Meter (2nd)

1. Test 850/940nm infrared ray transmission and 550nm visible light
2. Three test data can be obtained by one test
3. 0.5mm test aperture
4. Real-time dynamic self-calibration function


LS108H Spectrum Transmission Meter (2nd)

1. Test UV 365nm, IR 940nm and visible light of 380-760nm transmittance
2. Obtain three data by one measurement
3. Use parallel light path design
4. 1mm test aperture


LS108 Spectrum Transmission Meter (2nd)

1. Test 430nm blue light, 395nm purple light, visible light of 380nm-760nm transmittance and  UV 400
2. Three transmittance can be obtained by measuring one time
3. Real-time dynamic self-calibration function
4. 1mm test aperture


LS108A Lens Transmission Meter (2nd)

1. Test 850nm/940nm infrared ray and 550nm visible light transmittace
2. Three data can be obtained by measuring one time
3. Used to test ir ink hole
4. Real-time dynamic function


LS182 Spectrum Transmission Meter

1. UV peak wavelength: 365nm
2. Visible light peak wavelength: 380-760nm
3. IR wavelength: 940nm,1400nm and Full IR
4. SHGC: solar heat gain coefficient


LS183 Spectrum Transmission Meter

1.UV peak wavelength: 365nm;IR Peak wavelength 940nm
2.Visible light wavelength: 380nm-760nm
3.Sample thickness:up to 47mm


How to select a suitable Light Transmission Meter?

Linshang light transmission meters are widely used to measure various transparent materials, such as glass, PC, PET, PMMA, acrylic, etc. You can choose the appropriate spectrum transmission meter according to the table below.

I. The Classical Applications of Light Transmission Meters


Test Slot


Test Hole


Classical Application


Lens transmission meter

20mm 1mm

IR ink hole, IR-cut filter,

 IR remote control filter


Lens transmission meter

20mm 0.5mm


Lens transmission meter

20mm 1mm Sunglasses and all kinds of anti-blue materials


Light transmission meter

20mm 1mm Especially for small sized, irregular shaped materials


Light transmission meter

47mm 10mm Only for regular, flat materials with larger size

II. The Light Sources of Light Transmission Meters

Model Visible / Blue Light UV / Purple Light Infared Ray


550nm / 850nm / 940nm
LS108D 550nm / 850nm / 940nm
LS108 380-760nm / 430nm 395nm (UV400) /
LS108H 380-760nm 365nm 940nm
LS183 380-760nm 365nm 940nm

III.  Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between the LS183 and LS108H spectrum transmission meters?

  • The LS183 spectrum transmission meter uses a slot design, and LS108H uses a desktop design, the material placement for the LS108H is more convenient than LS183 spectrum transmission meter.

  • The LS183 spectrum transmission meter is made of aluminum shell material, LS108H is made of stainless steel, which is more durable.

  • The LS183 spectrum transmission meter is more suitable for measuring regular, flat materials with larger size, such as glass, PC plate. The LS108H can not also measure the above materials, but also suitable for small sized, irregular shaped materials.

2. What's the "UV400" measured by LS108 lens transmission meter?

  • "UV 400" means that the lenses will block 100% Ultraviolet (UV) waves shorter than or equal to 400nm

  • For example: "UV400=371nm" means the total UV blocking effect of the test object can only reach 371nm.

3. Can I customize the light source with different peak wavelength?

  • Linshang light transmission meter has certain requirements on the built-in light source, not all light sources are compatible. If we can purchase the light source of the specific wavelength you need on the market, we can provide you with customization services. And you need to pay additional customization fees.

  • The customized products do not apply to the returns and exchanges policy. Thanks for your understanding.