A series of light transmittance testing instruments provided by Linshang Technology include a light transmittance meter LS116 with a parallel light path design, a optical densitometer LS117 with a diffuse transmission principle, and a split type light transmittance meter LS110 that measures the front windshield of a car. The light sources used in this series of products comply with the CIE photopic luminosity function.
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Light Transmittance Meter Selection and FAQ" for details.

1.This meter is self-contained light sources and self -calibration.
2.Visible light wavelength: 380nm-760nm ( Full Weighted Spectrum)
3.With a parallel optical design, visual function compensation
4.Suitable for glass, film, organic materials and other transparent materials' transmittance detection
$ 292
1.Can measure absolute optical density,relative density and dot area
2.Can be used to test the optical density of aluminum plating film,film,X-ray film
3.Also can test the transmittance of milky white translucent material and frosted material.
$ 550
1.Specially used to test the visible light transmittance of the wind shield of the car
2.Visible light wavelength: 380nm-760nm, CIE visual standard
3.Two laser for two part alignment, more accuracy.
4.The built-in lithium rechargeable battery is easy for using without replacing the battery.
$ 292
1.Provides dual RS485 communication interface, the standard MODBUS communication protocol,
2. Convenient for communications with PLC, human-machine interface and computer.
3.Can be customized according to customer's demand
$ 99999
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