About Linshang
About Linshang

Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co., Ltd. was established on June 16, 2008. The company adheres to independent design, research and development, production and sales of various measuring instruments, and builds its own brand. At present, company have obtained 12 national patents and national high-tech enterprise certificates. The company's instrument are mainly divided into 4 categories: Solar film measurement, Optical transmittance, Ultraviolet measurement, Gloss and coating thickness measurement. Products include : Solar Film Transmission Meter, IR Power Meter, Spectrum Transmission Meter, Light Transmittance Meter, UV Energy Meter, UV Light Meter, Glass Thickness Meter, Vacuum Coating Online Thickness Monitor, Gloss meter, Coating Thickness Gauge.

New Products
New Products

1.Measuring range:0.0-2000μm 2.Fast measurement, 0.5s measuring interval 3.No calibration, just zero adjustment 4.With integrated probe,More convenient to carry out

1.Can test 365nm,375nm,385nm,395nm,405nm UV LED,etc 2.UV intensity+UV energy 3.Can display real-time power, maximal power,energy and measurement duration 4.Equipped with PC software which can generate data curve and print out test reports

1.Test the side shield glass, the test slot reaches 6mm 2.The display interface is adaptively rotated, which is very convenient for reading measurement data. 3.Using parallel optical path design which is suitable for testing thickness materials 4.The display data of infrared light and ultraviolet light can be set to the rejection rate or transmittance, or only the visible light transmittance.

1.Suitable for the intensity and energy measurement for UV sterilization lamp 2.Spectral response: 230nm-280nm, λp = 254nm 3.Power measuring range: 0 - 200000 μW / cm² 4.Advanced digital probe technology, it has high precision and good anti - jamming ability

1. Infrared central wavelength at 940nm, suitable for testing absorbing film 2. Adopt parallel optical path design, which is suitable for testing thick materials 3. Large LCD display with backlight on 4. Test the UV rejection rate, infrared rejection rate and visible light transmittance

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More products
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