Linshang Technology offers three sales kits to demonstrate the thermal insulation performance and UV blocking performance of glass and window films, two solar film temperature meters LS300 and LS301 to demonstrate thermal insulation performance through temperature test, two power meter: infrared power meter and UV power meter.

For more questions about the selection of the above products, please refer to the following article "Sales Kits and Temperature Meter Selection and FAQ".

FS3150 Solar Film Sales Kit

Demonstrate heat insulation effect, UV protection and reflective heat insulation of light-transmitting materials

Experience the heat insulation and UV protection effects of different products

Equipped with plexiglass booth and special aluminum box, easy to install and carry

Infrared lamp intensity can be adjusted


SK1150 Window Tint Sales Kit

1.For demonstrating the heat insulation performance of solar film, heat insulation glass and other light-transmitting materials

2. Visually demonstrate the heat insulation effect of different materials

3. Equipped with plexiglass booth, easy to install

4. Composed of plexiglass display stand, adjustable infrared lamp, LS122 infrared power meter, glass radiometer


LS300 Solar Film Temperature Meter

1.Used to demonstrate the insulation performance and UV isolation performance of insulation film.
2.Use 150W Philips infrared lamp
3.Directly with both hands to feel the change in temperature.
4.Shows the real time temperature value and the temperature difference


LS301 Solar Film Meter

1.  Two 150w Philips infrared lamps.
2.  "Temperature" LED to display the current temperature value.
3.  "Heat rejection" LED to display the heat rejection rate of the measured material.
4.  Directly measure the heat rejection rate of the material.


LS122 IR Power Meter

1.Used for measuring the infrared radiation intensity
2.The instrument is also used for the infrared rejection measurement.
3.Weight: around 140 g (including battery)
4.Spectral range:  λ (1000-1700 nm); λp = 1400 nm


LS123 UV Power Meter

1. Irradiance measuring range: 0 -40000 uW /c m2
2. Accuracy: ± 10%
3. Weight: around 140 grams (includingbattery)
4. Spectral range:  λ (260-380nm); λp = 365 nm


I.  Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the difference between SK1150 and SK1250 sales kits?

  • The only difference between is the electrical power of the infrared lamp. The infrared lamp power in the SK1150 sales kit is 150W, while the infrared lamp power in the SK1250 is 250W.

  • The functions of two infrared lamps are completely the same. Under the same conditions, the infared radiation intensity (power) of the 250W lamp is higher than that of the 150W lamp. 

  • Generally speaking, 150W lamp is enough, but the 250W lamp shows a much larger infared intensity value during the demonstration. After the material is put in, the difference in light intensity value is larger.

2. What's the difference between SK1150 and FS2150 sales kits?

  • The FS2150 has an additional LS122 infrared power meter than the SK1150, which is placed on the same side of the infrared lamp to measure the intensity of the infrared reflected by the test object.

  • The 150W lamp used in FS2150 are the same as SK1150, but the installation angle of the lamp on the base is different.

  • The FS2150 is suitable for measuring insulating materials with good reflection performance.

3. What's the difference between FS2150 and FS3150 sales kits?

4. What's the difference between LS300 and LS301 solar film temperature meter?

  • The LS300 window film temperature meter can display the real-time temperature and temperature difference before and after switching on the infrared lamps.

  • The LS301 window film temperature meter can display the real-time temperature and heat rejection rate (the 940nm infrared rejection rate of the test object).

4. Can I use LS123 UV power meter to measure the irradiation intensity of UV curing lamps?

  • LS123 UV power meter is mainly used for the radiation intensity measurement of UV light sources such as sunlight and low-intensity flashlights. 

  • It is not suitable for measuring UV lamps used in professional industries such as curing, sterilization, exposure, etc. The measuring range, accuracy and spectral response range are not corresponding.

II.  Packing details of three sales kits

Model FS3150 FS2150 SK1250 SK1150
LS122 IR power meter 2pcs 2pcs 1pcs 1pcs

150W Philips

infrared lamp


(Adjustable light intensity)

1pcs / 1pcs

250W Philips

infrared lamp

/ / 1pcs /
LS123 UV power meter 1pcs
UV flashlight 1pcs
Glass radiometer 1pcs
Plexiglass booth 1pcs
Aluminium packing case 1pcs