FS3150 Solar Film Sales Kit

Demonstrate heat insulation effect, UV protection and reflective heat insulation of light-transmitting materials

The infrared lamp intensity can be adjusted

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The FS3150 solar film sales kit is designed to demonstrate the heat insulation, UV protection and reflective heat insulation effects of light-transmitting materials such as window film and heat insulation glass. It can directly show the blocking effect through the percentage data and the spinning speed of blades in the glass radiometer. The effect is intuitive and easy to understand.

The window film sales kit is equipped with ultraviolet flashlights and authentic Philips infrared lamps with adjustable light intensity, thus to simulate infrared and ultraviolet rays in outdoor sunlight respectively. The instrument is also equipped with a plexiglass booth and a special aluminum box for easy installation and packaging.


No. Product Quantity Unit
1 Plexiglass booth 1 pcs
2 150W Philips infrared light 1 pcs
3 UV flashlight 1 pcs
4 LS123 UV power meter 1 pcs
5 Glass radiometer 1 pcs
6 LS122 IR power meter 2 pcs
7 Aluminum case dimension 46 * 39 * 20 cm(L * W * H) 1 pcs
8 User Manual 1 pcs
9 Certification card 1 pcs


After unpacking, please place the accessories according to the picture below. The name and function of each accessory are as follows. The serial number below corresponds to the serial number in the figure

Glass test slot

It can be used to fix materials such as heat insulation glass and stick-film glass. The width can be adjusted by screws (≤10mm)

150W Philips infrared light

After turning on the light, the intensity of infrared light can be manually adjusted through the knob switch, which is used to simulate infrared light in the sun

Retractable UV flashlight

It is for simulating the ultraviolet rays of the sun, and achieves a concentrating effect by telescoping to adjust the UV intensity and supports USB charging

LS122 infrared power meter (next to infrared light)

Placed on the same side of the infrared lamp, it is developed to measure the reflection and heat insulation effect of the measured material. The higher the measured infrared intensity, the better the reflection and heat insulation effect is

LS123 UV power meter

Measure the intensity of ultraviolet light passing through the material and calculate the ultraviolet rejection rate of the sample by using the data before and after the material is inserted

Glass radiometer

When infrared rays irradiate the glass radiometer, the blades will rotate. The speed is proportional to the intensity of the infrared rays. If a material with better heat insulation is used to block the infrared rays, the speed of the blade rotation will be significantly reduced

LS122 infrared power meter (opposite the infrared light)

Measure the intensity of infrared rays passing through the measured material and calculate the infrared rejection rate of the sample through the data before and after the material is inserted


Data demonstration of non-reflective films and reflective films


  1. 1. What's the difference between FS3150 and FS2150?

    The light intensity of the infrared lamp in FS3150 sales kit can be adjusted, but the light intensity of the infrared lamp in FS2150 sales kit is fixed.

  2. 2. The glass size for the sales kit

    32*20cm is recommended.