LS253 Multi-probe Leeb Hardness Tester

Support D\DL\DC\C four kinds of impact devices

Optional bluetooth wireless printer to quickly print measurement results
Double-coil digital probe, accurate measurement
Automatic switching of various hardness standards, eliminating the cumbersome manual table lookup
Built-in orientation sensor and 360-degree impact mitigation for the probe

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LS253 is a split-type Leeb hardness tester. The probe and the host are connected by aviation plugs, and the host is capable of automatically identifying the impact device. The instrument adopts advanced digital double-coil probe technology, which provides precise measurement results and great interference-resistance. Providing a variety of hardness scales , such as Leeb scale (HL), Vickers scale (HV), Brinell scale (HB), Shore scale (HS), Rockwell scale (HRA/HRB/HRC), and they can make a mutual conversion to avoid cumbersome manual calculation. Besides the hardness, the instrument can measure the strength of the materials. For various measuring needs, the instrument may be fitted with four different impact devices, D, DC, DL, and C.


LS253 Leeb hardness tester is suitable for testing the hardness of materials such as steel, cast steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, gray cast iron, ductile iron, cast aluminum alloy, copper-zinc alloy, copper-tin alloy, pure copper and forged steel. The instrument can be widely used in machine tool guides, automotive chassis, heavy workpieces, mold cavities, bearings, pressure vessels and installed machinery or assembly parts and can help manufacturers to carry out product quality inspection and reasonable process analysis.

Impact device selection

No Impact type Application
1 D Ordinary metal parts
2 DC Short size, suitable for internal holes or narrow areas
3 DL Slender narrow groove, tooth flank or bottom of bore
4 C Hardfacing and small or thin components


Parameter Value
Probe Impact device D/ Impact device DC / Impact device DL/ Impact device C
Hardness Scales HL, HV, HB, HS, HRA, HRB, HRC
Measurement Range Impact device D/DC:HLD: (170-960); HV(83-976); HB(30-651); HRC(17.6-68.5); HS(26.4-99.5); HRB(13.5-100); HRA(60-85.8)
Impact device DL:HLDL(170-960); HV(194-976); HB(140-651); HRC(19.8-68.5); HS(26.4-99.5); HRB(59.6-99.6); HRA(60-85.5)
Impact device C:HLC(170-960); HV(80-996); HB(80-683); HRC(20-69.5); HS(31.9-102.3)
Resolution 1HL
Accuracy ±12 HL, ±6 HL (typical)
Repeatability 6HL
Display 240 * 16 dot matrix LCD
Power Supply 2 AA alkaline dry batteries
Host Size 142*72*28 mm
Probe Size 148*31*25 mm
Weight 247g
Working Temperature Range -10~50℃,0~85%RH(no condensation)
Storage Temperature Range -10~60℃,0~85%RH(no condensation)


Free to match 4 kinds of impact devices.

Aviation plugs link the host and impact device, and one host may be freely matched with up to four impact devices to meet various measuring settings.

Equipped with Bluetooth APP

The instrument is connected to the mobile phone APP through Bluetooth to realize multiple sets of data storage, and the measurement data can be shared.

Double coil technology, high precision, good repeatability

Using advanced dual-coil technology, it has good measurement accuracy and repeatability

Built-in direction sensor, all-round impact compensation

The probe contains an integrated direction sensor that accomplishes 360° all-around worry-free measurement by automatically compensating measurement mistakes in various direction

Conversions to different hardness scales

LS253 hardness tester provides a variety of hardness scales, which can be converted between Leeb (HL), Vickers (HV), Brinell (HB), Shore (HS) and Rockwell (HRA/HRB/HRC) eliminating the cumbersome steps of manual table lookup.

High-precision, ensuring that it can pass the inspection of the Chinese authoritative metrology institute

The LS253D's measurement precision may be as high as 6HL, enabling it to pass examination by the Chinese national authoritative metrology institution.

Optional Bluetooth thermal printer

The measurement results may be printed on-site by connecting through Bluetooth to a thermal printer.

Two measurement modes are optional

Two measurement modes, QC mode and statistical mode, can be selected to meet different measurement needs. The tester can automatically count the maximum value, minimum value, and average value of the lastest 9 measured values. The tester can set the upper ad lower limits and judge whether the hardness of the materials is qualified which is convienent for batch inspection

Statistical Mode

Statistical Mode

QC Mode

QC Mode

Instrument low power consumption technology, adopts dynamic sleep algorithm, automatic shutdown function, more energy-saving

Using digital probe technology, strong anti-interference ability

LCD screen, high brightness and easy for reading in dark environment

Equipped with standard Leeb hardness standard test block, the user can save the cost of subsequent test block consumables

Qualifications and Standards

LS253 Leeb Hardness Tester conforms to the following standards:

  • GB/T 13794.1  Metallic materials-Leeb hardness test-Part 1: Test method

  • GB/T 13794.2  Metallic materials-Leeb hardness test-Part 2: Verification and calibration of hardness tester 

  • GB/T 13794.4  Metallic materials-Leeb hardness test-Part 4:Tables of hardness values conversion 

  • JB/T 9378-2001  Industry standard of Leeb hardness tester 

  • JJG 747-1999 Verification regulation of Leeb hardness tester

Caliberation Certificate
Caliberation Certificate


The Leeb hardness tester is only suitable for large, heavy workpieces. Small, thin workpieces should be coupled to a firm support for testing.

Impact device type Minimum mass Minimum thickness (uncoupled) Minimum thickness (coupling)
D、DL、DC 5kg 25mm 3mm
C 1.5kg 10mm 1mm

Software Download

APP supports Android operating system version 7.0 or higher.

It can be installed by:

1) Use your mobile browser or WeChat to scan the QR code on the instrument, follow the prompts to download and install.

2) Click the link to install the APP.

3) Search for "UT and HL" (case insensitive) in the Google Play to install the application.


No. Product Name Quantity Unit
1 Leeb Hardness Tester Host 1 Set
2 Leeb Hardness Tester Probe According to the numbers of probe   ordered
3 Bluetooth   Printer According to the numbers of printer   ordered
4 Standard Leeb hardness block 1 pcs
5 Nylon Brush 1 pcs
6 Small support ring 1 pcs
7 1.5V AA alkaline battery 2 pcs
8 User Manual 1 pcs
9 Calibration Report 1 pcs
10 Certificate / Warranty card 1 pcs
11 Plastic Case 1 pcs

Selection of Leeb Hardness Tester

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How to calibrate Linshang Leeb hardness tester

LS253 with DL-type impact device measures mold steel hardness

LS253 with D-type impact device measures mold steel hardness

Leeb hardness tester can achieve 360° all-round measurement

Leeb hardness tester repeatability demonstration

Small mass workpiece coupling demonstration

Leeb hardness tester selection