Development history of Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co. , Ltd. 

1:On June 16,2008, Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co. , Ltd. Was Established.
2:In September 2008, Successfully Developed LS100 Series Solar Film Transmission Meter And Launched To Market.
3:In October 2010, Successfully Registered Self-Owned Trademark “Linshang”.
4:In November 2010, Successfully Developed 
Light Transmission Meter And Launched To Market.
5:In May 2011, Successfully Developed 
LS160 HandheldTransmission Meter.
6:In June 2011, Successfully Developed Solar film online optical inspection system, and it well applied in customers' manufacture.
7:In 2012: Respectively Won one Appearance Patent And Two Utility Model Patents.
8: In Augest, 2012, Successfully Developed 
LS108A LENS Transmission Meter which apply in mobile phone lens.
9: In January, 2013, Successfully Developed 
LS126C UV Light Meter which apply in Medical field of UV disinfection. 
10: In March 2013, Successfully Developed vacuum coating thickness measuring system,and it with good application in Vacuum coating industries.
11: In September 2013, Successfully Developed 
LS120 UV Energy Meter.
12: In October 2014, Successfully Developed 
LS180 Series Solar Film Transmission Meter.
13: In October 2014, Successfully Developed 
LS183 Spectrum Transmission Meter.
14: In October 2014, Successfully Developed 
LS125 Multi Probes UV Light Meter .
15: In Augest 2015, Successfully Developed 
LS162 and LS162A Solar Film Transmission Meter .
16: In October 2015, Successfully Developed 
LS192 Gloss meter.