LS192 Gloss Meter

In line with 1st class working machine standard

Universal angle 60°, large range up to 1000GU
Free PC software allows for better quality control
Normal mode: put-and-measure
QC mode: automatically judge whether the data is qualified

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LS192 is a hand-held gloss meter with universal angle 60° and range of  1000GU, widely applicable to surface gloss test on paint, coating, metal, ceramics, stone, printed material, easy operation, no need to press button. QC mode is optional to conduct quick QC process. Intelligent data statistics and test report can be generated by connecting PC software. 


Easy Operation

Great Interactive design, easy operation, put and test after power-on, one-key to lock data. 

Put and test, no need to wait
Put and test, no need to wait

Precise measurement

LS192 Gloss Meter could pass calibration by any national metrology institute, in line with 1st class working machine standard of JJG696-2002. Its test result can compete with that of famous brands.

Calibration Device Standard Gloss Meter First Class Gloss Meter Second Class Gloss Meter
Stability 0.2GU 0.4GU 1.0GU
Zero Error 0.1GU 0.2GU 1.0GU
Indication Error ±1.0GU ±1.5GU ±2.5GU

Stable data

The device has temperature compensation function, ensuring stable data, allowing long period calibration. Great repeatability: ±0.2GU for 0-100GU; ±0.2% reading for 100-1000GU.

Dual Mode

Support switch between normal mode and QC mode, applicable to different scenes. Normal mode: quick reading after put and test; QC mode: realize quick check on incoming material by setting upper and lower limit value and judge “Pass”or not.

Normal mode

QC mode

Portable and Smart

Portable size, aviation aluminum shell, fine design, super texture.

LS192 Gloss Meter
LS192 Gloss Meter

Powerful PC software support

Equipped with PC software ( supporting Windows only), can measure, generate and print test report by connecting PC.

Gloss Meter PC software
Gloss Meter PC software

Standard in the bottom

Magnetic bottom design, combined with standard, no worry about the standard getting lost. Automatic calibration after powered-on.

Bottom with standard
Bottom with standard

Energy-saving, long navigation

Built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium battery offers low energy consumption. Once full charged the device can last for 48 hour navigation. 

Applicable Industries

LS192 testing ceramics

LS192 testing ceramics

LS192 measuring car

LS192 measuring car

LS192 measuring paint

LS192 measuring paint

LS192 measuring wood

LS192 measuring wood

Product Specification

Specification Value
Measure angle 60°
Measuring aperture 9mm*15mm
Minimum test material size 20mm*10mm
Test Range 0-1000GU
Resolution 0.1GU
Repeatability 0-100GU:±0.2GU ;100-1000GU:±0.2% reading
Reproducibility 0-100GU:±0.5GU; 100-1000GU:±0.5% reading
Zero error 0.1GU
Error of indication 0-100GU:±1.5GU; 100-1000GU:±1.5% reading
Weight 300g
Battery capacity rechargeable lithium3.7V@1000mAh
Display 192×64
System language Chinese(Simplified), English
Charging interface USB(Type-C)
Data Interface USB
Working temperature 10~45℃,0~85%RH(no drew)
Storage temperature -10~60℃,0~85%RH(no drew)
Packing List Gloss meter, USB cable, U disk with software, special lens cloth,user manual, warranty card

Product Qualification and Standards

LS192 gloss meter conforms to following national standards

ISO2813,ISO7668,ASTM D523,ASTM D2457,DIN 67530,GB/T9754, GB/T13891,GB/T7706, GB/T8807, also meeting all the requirements of 1st class working machine calibration in JJG 696-2002 Verification Regulation of Specular Gloss Meters and Gloss Plates

LS192 gloss meter certificates


Software download

Use software to measure, set parameters, generate report and print test report by Connecting PC via USB cable( PC software only support Windows system).Software can be installed by the options as following: 

  • run the PC software in the U-disk in the packing, no need of installation; 

  • download online to save in the local disk, and run after unzipping. Click to download


  1. The device allows long term calibration thanks to its temperature compensation function. It is suggested to calibrate once a week. Device should be recalibrated if environment temperature changessignificantly. 

  2. Gloss meter needs to closely fit the surface of measured material to keep external light from leaking in.

  3. Save the bottom cover in clean area to keep the standard from dirt and scratches. 

  4. Don’t probe anything into the measuring area for cleaning or any other purpose, as this could cause damage, affect measurement resolution and operation safety. 

  5. Please clean the device and standard before storing and measurement. Standard should be cleaned by special lens cloth. Ensure there is no small particles on the standard to avoid damage as the surface of standard is quite precise.  

  6. If you have more than one gloss meters, please calibrate each device with respective standard. 

  7. Please recharge the device when the battery volume shows zero. 

  8. If not used over 6 months, the device should be recharged from time to time to prevent from battery damage caused by over discharge. 

  9. Advised calibration cycle is 1 year. You can deliver devices back to our address for calibration. 

After Sales Service

  1. The meter has one-year warranty. If the instrument works abnormally, please send the whole pack of device to our company for maintenance.

  2. Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services.

  3. Provide users with the calibration service.

  4. Offer long-term technical support free of charge.