LS225+N2000 Coating thickness Tester

Professional for measuring coating thickness with large flat area

Suitable for PCB board paint thickness measurement
Use its own weight to trigger measurement, consistent pressure, stable value

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LS225 coating thickness meter with N2000 probe, professional for measuring the coating thickness with large flat area. The instrument uses the eddy current induction principle, the probe uses its own weight to ensure that the same force is used to press the probe during each measurement, and the value is stable. It is especially suitable for measuring the thickness of paint on PCB boards, and can also be used for measuring non-conductive coatings such as paint, anodic oxide layer, ceramics, etc. on non-magnetic metal substrates such as copper, aluminum, die-cast zinc, brass, etc.


LS225+N2000 coating thickness gauge can be non-destructive measurement of non-conductive coating thickness on non-magnetic metal substrates, such as anodic oxide layer on the surface of various aluminum workpieces, three-proof paint on the surface of PCB boards, etc.. It can be used for production inspection, construction acceptance and sales exhibition site, and the application areas involve aviation industry, building materials, machinery, chemical industry, light industry and instrumentation and many other industries.

Coating thickness gauge to measure PCB board paint thickness

Coating thickness gauge to measure PCB board paint thickness

Coating thickness gauge to measure PCB board

Coating thickness gauge to measure PCB board

Coating thickness tester to measure anodic oxide layer

Coating thickness tester to measure anodic oxide layer

Coating thickness tester to measure the anodic oxide layer of aluminum

Coating thickness tester to measure the anodic oxide layer of aluminum


LS225 Plating thickness tester host parameters

Parameter Value
Display 240×160 dot matrix LCD
Power supply 4pcs of 1.5V AAA alkaline battery
Operation temperaturerange 0℃-50℃
Storage temperaturerange -20℃-60℃
Host size 148*76*26 mm (L*W*H)
Weight (include battery) 194g

N2000 probe parameters

Parameter Value
Measuring principle Eddy current
Substrate Non-ferromagnetic metal
Measuring range 0.0-2000μm
Resolution 0.1μm: 0μm - 99.9μm1μm: 100μm - 999μm0.01mm: 1.00mm – 2.00mm
Repeatability ≤±(1%H + 0.2μm),, H is the standard value
Accuracy ≤±(2%H+0.3μm) after 5 points calibration, H is the standard value
Unit μm / mil
Measuring interval 0.8s
Minimum substrate thickness 0.03mm
Calibration Support zero reference adjustment and 1 to 5-points calibration
Probe size 95.5*30 mm (Without connecting cable)
Probe weight 304g


Measure ultra-thin coating layers

Digital oscillation technology and high-speed ADC acquisition can measure ultra-thin coatings below 10μm and ensure accurate and stable data

Probe using self-weight trigger measurement design

The probe uses its own weight to trigger the measurement to ensure that the same force is applied to the probe for each measurement and the value is stable.

Adopt digital probe technology

Using self-developed advanced digital probe technology, integrated digital processing circuit inside the probe, avoiding the noise interference of analog signals, ensuring the accuracy of test data

Multi-point calibration, more accurate data

Support zeroing and multi-point calibration to ensure more accurate data, equipped with a special zeroing board and standard tablets

With data statistics function

With data statistics function, automatically count the maximum value, minimum value, average value and variance value of the last 9 groups of data tested

Long life and low power consumption

2000μm large range

Bilingual support in English and Chinese

Switchable measurement units

Qualifications and Standards

LS225+N2000 plating thickness gauge conforms to the following standards:

(1) GB/T 4957-2003 Non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic basis metals-Measurement of coating thickness-Eddy current

(2) DIN EN ISO 2808 Paints and Varnishes-Determination of Film Thickness

(3) JJG-818-2005 Verification Regulation of Magnetic and Eddy Current Measuring Instrument for Coating Thickness


No. Description Quantity Unit
1 LS225+N2000 Plating thickness tester 1 pcs
2 N2000 probe 1 pcs
3 NFe zero-adjustment plate 1 pcs
4 Standard films 7 pcs
5 User manual 1 pcs
6 Certificate / Warranty card 1 pcs
7 1.5V AAA alkaline battery 1 pcs
8 Plastic engineering case 1 pcs


How to choose the measurement mode of LS225 coating thickness gauge?


  1. 1. The difference between LS225 and other coating thickness gauges

    Compared with several other coating thickness gauges, LS225 has higher measurement accuracy and data repeatability. With a special test fixture, it can be used to accurately measure ultra-thin coatings below 10μm, small size and special-shaped workpieces. It supports zero adjustment and multi-point calibration. The measurement results can be more accurate after calibration through standard films or uncoated workpieces.

    If you want to know more about the Linshang coating thickness gauge, Please click "Coating Thickness Gauge Selection and FAQ".



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