LS232 Car Paint Meter

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Dual OLED car paint meter low temperature test

LS232 is the first dual-screen OLED car paint meter that resist ultra-low temperature on the market. This car paint meter is professionally used for the detection of paint film thickness of second-hand cars. It adopts two measuring principles of Hall Effect and eddy current. It can quickly measure the paint thickness on non-magnetic metal substrates such as aluminum and paint thickness on magnetic substrate such as steel. The car paint meter uses a low-temperature resistant OLED dual-screen display, which can be used normally in low temperature environment of -40℃. The meter can display the data normally. Used car inspectors can use this paint thickness meter to quickly find out where the paint has been repaired by measuring the paint thickness on various parts of the car.

Dual OLED screen car paint meter
Dual OLED screen car paint meter


The LS232 car paint meter can help customers in many cold regions. In northern china, the temperature is usually -30℃ or even lower. Normal car paint meter in the market can’t display the data normally. If you use LS232 car paint meter, there is no problem at all. At the same time, the dual-screen display is also a highlight of this paint thickness meter, two screens can display data at the same time.

Products Characteristics

1. Dual OLED screens can display data at the same time, which is convenient for reading when measuring the paint film thickness of the car body from different angles.

car paint meter test the car
car paint meter test the car

2. Fast measurement, one measurement can be completed in 0.5s.

3. The use of low temperature resistant OLED screen can ensure the normal use of the car paint meter in a low temperature environment of -40°C.

4. No need to calibrate after power on, just use the standard board provided by the car paint meter manufacturer for zero adjustment.

5. Small and portable, with only one button, the measurement can be completed with one hand. And the operation is extremely simple.

6. The wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant high-hardness ruby probe can ensure the long-term use of the automotive paint meter.

small car paint meter
small car paint meter

7. The dual-use probe of iron and aluminum can automatically identify the automobile substrate of steel, aluminum alloy and other materials. And the car paint meter can automatically switch the measurement mode.

coating thickness gauge measurement modes
coating thickness gauge measurement modes

8. "Fe", "NFe", "Fe/NFe" three measurement modes, Chinese and English two languages and two units of μm and mil are adjustable.

car paint meter setting
car paint meter setting

9. Use temperature compensation function and analog signal terminal digitization function to ensure the stability of the sensor signal.

10.Complimentary cell phone APP, can generate test reports. With Bluetooth data transmission function, online operation with cell phone APP, test data can be generated test report, and the report can be saved or shared.


Parameter LS232 Car paint meter
Probe tip Ruby fixed
Measuring principle Fe: Hall Effect / NFe: Eddy current
Probe type Built-in integrated probe
Measuring range 0.0-3500μm
Resolution 0.1μm:(0μm-99.9μm)
Accuracy ≤±(3%H+2μm), H is the standard value
Unit μm / mil
Measuring interval 0.5s
Minimum measuring area Ø = 25mm
Minimum curvature Convex:5mm / Concave:25mm
Minimum substrate thickness Fe:0.2mm / NFe:0.05mm
Display 2 pcs of 128×48 dot matrix OLED
Power supply 2 pcs of 1.5V AAA alkaline battery
Range of operation temperature -40℃-50℃
Storage temperature range -50℃-60℃
Host size 100*60*24mm
Weight 80g
automotive paint meter structure
automotive paint meter structure

Qualification and Standards

1. LS232 car paint meter conforms to the following standards:

  • GB/T 4956-2003 Non-magnetic Coatings on Magnetic Substrates-Measurement of Coating Thickness-Magnetic Method

  • GB/T 4957-2003 Non-conductive Coatings on Non-magnetic Basis Metals-Measurement of Coating Thickness-Eddy Current

  • DIN EN ISO 2808 Paints and Varnishes-Determination of Film Thickness

  • JJG-818-2005 Verification Regulation of Magnetic and Eddy Current Measuring Instrument for Coating Thickness 

2.  LS232 certificate

car paint meter certificates
car paint meter certificates

App Installation

The car paint meter APP supports Android operating system 6.0 and above. Use your mobile browser or We Chat to scan the QR code in the picture below and follow the prompts to download and install the CoatingThicknessGauge.apk software. After the installation is complete, the icon shown in the figure below will appear on the phone desktop. (The App only support Chinese)

Operation Video

Complimentary cell phone APP, can generate test reports

Packaging Details

No. Item Quantity Unit
1 LS232 Coating Thickness Gauge 1 Set
2 Fe plate of zero adjustment 1 Pcs
3 NFe plate of zero adjustment 1 Pcs
4 Standard film 1 Pcs
5 Cloth bag 1 Pcs
6 User manual 1 Pcs
7 Certificate/Warranty card 1 Pcs
8 1.5V AAA alkaline battery 2 Pcs
car paint meter packing
car paint meter packing

After-sales Service

  1. The car paint meter has one-year warranty. If the meter works abnormally, please send the whole

    car paint meter to our company for maintenance

  2. Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services

  3. Provide the users with the meter inspection service

  4. Free technical support for long term

FAQ about LS232

  1. 1. The difference between LS230 and LS232 automotive paint meter?

    The automotive paint meter LS232 is equipped with two OLED screens. And users can read from the front and top screens of the automotive paint meter at the same time. It is more convenient to read when testing different positions of the car body. LS230 only has an OLED screen on the front.

  2. 2. How to judge whether the car has been repainted or not?

    At present, the paint thickness of different brands of cars on the market is not exactly the same. Therefore, when measuring the paint film thickness of a certain car, you can first measure the paint thickness on the car roof, because car roof is rarely affected by external forces and scratches, dents or deformation, it is more likely to retain the original paint thickness.

    To test the specfic position of the car, you can take the upper, lower, left, right, and middle five points to test and calculate the average value of the five data. If the value of one point is greater than the average value of more than 30μm, this position may have been repainted. 

  3. 3. Under what circumstances we need to make zero adjustment?

    When the body material of the car under test changes; the instrument has not been used for a long time; when the ambient temperature changed significantly; after the battery is replaced.

  4. 4. Can I customize the LOGO and shell of the car paint meter?

    Yes, but there is a minimum order quantity.

    The minimum order quantity for customized LOGO: 100pcs; the minimum order quantity for customized instrument shell: 500pcs