Ultrasonic thickness gauges (ultrasonic thickness testers, ultrasonic wall thickness gauges, ultrasonic thickness meters, etc.) measure the wall thickness of materials such as steel, plastic, and more using ultrasonic technology which is ideal for measuring the effects of corrosion on metal, pipes or any structure where access is limited to one side.

LS211 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Non-destructive testing of material thickness, fast and safe

Large measuring range:0.8mm-600mm

High resolution:0.001mm

5 MHz dual-element-transducer probe


LS212 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Non-destructive testing of material thickness, fast and safe

Measuring range:0.8mm-350mm

High resolution:0.001mm

Automatic Gain Function


LS213 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Non-destructive testing of material thickness, fast and safe

Measuring range:0.8mm-350mm


Select from wide range of sound velocity of various materials


What's the measuring principle of ultrasonic thickness gauges?

Linshang ultrasonic thickness gauges feature dual-crystal probe which is consisted of two independent transducers angled,separated by a sound barrier. The instruments use single echo measurement principle. One transducer sends the ultrasonic pulses inside probe which returns after it impacts the back wall and another transducer receives the echo. It calculates the thickness of material by the sound velocity and the time taken between the pulses sent and echo received.

What are some ultrasonic thickness gauge measurement applications?

In many industries, It is essential to mesure the wall thickness to confirm the condition of the material for the normal running of the items or structure safety. LS211 ultrasonic thickness meter can be widely used in testing the thickness of various accessories or metallic structure to check them whether to be repaired or changed such as ships, tanks, pipes or steel structure. The gauge is applicable for petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, shipbuilding, aviation and aerospace various fields.

What are the advantages of Linshang ultrasonic thickness gauges?

  1. Adopting premium time chips to record the time taken between the ultrasonic signals emitted and recevied by the gauge.

  2. These gages employ ultrasonic double-crystal probe with stainless steel housing, and it can effectively reduce clutter, sensitive, hard and durable.

  3. Automatic Gain switchable to amplify the ultrasonic signal so that the emitted pulse is accurately captured by the transducer as it propagates, and obtains accurate data.

  4. High precision ensures LS211 can pass Chinese authoritative metrology institute.

  5. Built-in sound velocity of multiple materials including metallic(iron, copper, aluminum) and non-metallic materials(plastics, ceramics, plexiglass).

  6. Built-in sound velocity of multiple materials.

  7. Ergonomic design with durable rubberized grip.

Thickness inspection of some materials is essential to ensuring both operator and public safety. For example, The pipes or tanks transporting hazardous materials, can be find out that wear and corrosion may be present anywhere on it and its components, so periodic inspection must be done by qualified inspectors in order to identify and repair these potential hazards. Linshang ultrasonic thickness gauges are ideal choices for measuring the thickness of them.