LS117 Optical Density Meter

LS117 Optical Density Meter


    Ⅰ.Brief Introduction   

    LS117 optical density meter measures the optical density and light transmittance at the same time, mainly for the following three types of product measurement:
    1. All graphic arts film, measuring absolute optical density and relative density and dot area 
    2. X-ray film, aluminum film materials etc, measuring absolute optical density.
    3. All kinds of milky white, fog material, measuring light transmittance.

117 optical density meter


Light transmittance measurement accuracy ±1% (0% --- 50%); ±2% (50% --- 100%)
Light transmittance resolution 0.0005% (0% --- 10%); 0.005% (10% --- 100%) 
Optical density measurement range 0.000 OD --- 6.000 OD
Optical density measurement accuracy ±0.02 (0 --- 2.00 OD); ±2% (2.00 --- 6.00 OD)
Optical density resolution

0.001 OD (0 .00 --- 2.00 OD); 0.01 OD (2.00 --- 4.00 OD); 0.1 OD (4.00 --- 6.00 OD)

Aperture 2mm
Light Source 380nm-760nm, conforming to CIE function of photopic vision
Weight About 576g (without battery)
Power supply 4*AAA alkaline dry battery
Display 240*160 dot-matrixes LCD
Dimension 148mm×76mm×26mm (L*W*H)


    1.Light transmittance measurement for diffuse transmission material.

117 optical density meter test the opalescent material

    2.Equipped with holder, two ways of measurement available.

117 optical density meter test the mobile phone cover

    3.Light transmittance and the optical density can be measured simultaneously.
    4.Suitable for production, quality inspection and other occasions.
    5.High precision and wide measuring range, optical density up to OD 6.

    Ⅳ.Operation video   


 .Packing Details   

No Description Quantity Unit
1 LS117 Optical Density Meter 1 pcs
2 AAA battery  4 pcs
3 User Manual  1 pcs
4 Certificate / warranty card  1 pcs
5 Aluminum box  1 pcs

package of optical density meter


     1.The meter has one-year warranty. If the gauge works abnormally, pleasesend the whole gauge to our company for maintenance
     2.Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services
     3.Provide the users with the meter inspection service 
     4.Free technical support for long term

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