LS126C UV Light Meter

LS126C UV Light Meter


I. LS126C UV Light Meter Introduction

       LS126C UV light meter is a professional instrument for measuring the intensity of UVC germicidal lamps, that is, the power of ultraviolet radiation energy per unit area. The UV radiometer is delivered with a 1-meter test hook in accordance with the 1-meter test requirements specified in the "WST 367-2012 Regulation of disinfection technique in healthcare settings" to ensure full compliance with the test standards. The LS126C UV radiation meter also has a Bluetooth data transmission function. After connecting with the mobile phone APP, it can monitor the intensity of the germicidal lamp in real time from a certain distance to avoid UV burns during the test.

UV light meter display
LS126C UV intensity meter display

II. LS126C UV Light Meter Parameters

Parameters LS126C UV Light Meter
Spectral response 230nm-280nm, λp = 254nm
Measuring range 0 - 20000 μW / cm²
Resolution 0.1μW / cm²
Measuring accuracy ±10%
Power data storage interval 1s/10s/60s optional
Recording period 10 min / 100 min / 600 min
Bluetooth transmission distance 50 meters (open area)
Instrument size 148mm  ×76mm  ×26mm (L*W*H)
Probe size Diameter 46mm × thickness 16.5mm
Probe wire length 1 meter
Weight About 300 g
Display 240*160 dot matrix LCD
Battery 4 AAA alkaline dry batteries

LS126C UV light meter appearance
LS126C single channel UV light meter appearance

IV. LS126C UV Light Meter Characteristics

1. The LS126C UV intensity tester is based on the detection requirements of 1 meter distance specified in the " WST 367-2012 Regulation of disinfection technique in healthcare settings ", and a 1 meter test hook is provided.

UV light meter display
LS126C UV Light Meter Display

2. The UVC detector comes with a Bluetooth data transmission function. After connecting a dedicated mobile phone APP, the data can be wirelessly monitored from a certain distance to avoid being burned by ultraviolet rays when viewing the data on site.

UV light meter bluetooth
LS126C UV light meter bluetooth

3. LS126C UV irradiance meter has intelligent statistical data function, real-time statistics of real-time power value, maximum value, minimum value, average value in measurement data, measurement duration and test date. The real-time clock function can be used to trace the test date of historical data.

UV light meter measurement interface
LS126C single-channel UV radiometer measurement interface

4. The UV light meter can be set to automatically shut down within 0-10 minutes. The test data will be automatically saved when the instrument is turned off, enabling unattended measurement. The NO.1 data displayed on the screen when the machine is turned on is the latest test data. The instrument can record a total of 25 sets of data.

5. The UV radiometer uses high-precision UVC filters and professional UV sensors to eliminate the influence of light intensity in the UVA and UVB bands on the data.

6. Using advanced digital probe technology, digital signal processing is done directly on the probe, the probe is not susceptible to interference and provides excellent test accuracy.

7. LS126C UV intensity detector is equipped with USB communication port and dedicated PC software. The test data can be exported to the EXCEL by computer software. The test report can also be generated and printed.

UV light meter PC software
LS126C UV light meter PC software

8. When the instrument is off, long press the power button to enter into the parameter setting mode. For detailed steps, please refer to the picture below.

(1) Set whether auto power off is required

(2) Setting the data storage interval or auto power off time

(3) Set whether to display the date / time

(4) Setting the date / time

UV light meter measurement modes

V. LS126C UV Light Meter Qualification and Standard

1. " WST 367-2012 Regulation of disinfection technique in healthcare settings " A.3 Monitoring of the Effect of Ultraviolet Disinfection

(1) UV light meter measurement method

After turning on the UV lamp for 5min, place the UV light meter probe with a measuring wavelength of 253.7nm at the center of 1m vertical distance under the tested UV lamp. The special UV lamp is measured at the recommended distance. After the meter is stable, the displayed value is the irradiance value of the ultraviolet lamp.

(2) Judgment of results

For ordinary 30W straight tube UV lamps, the irradiation intensity of the new lamp should meet the requirements of GB 19258; the use of ultraviolet lamp irradiation intensity ≥70μW / cm² is qualified; the 30W high-intensity ultraviolet lamp irradiation intensity ≥180μW / cm² is qualified.

2. LS126C UV light meter meets national standards

《JJG 879-2015 Verification Regulation of Ultraviolet Radiometers》

UV light meter calibration report
LS126C UV light meter calibration report

VI. LS126C UV Light Meter Operation Video


VII. LS126C UV Light Meter Packing Details

No. Item Quantity Unit
1 LS126C UV Light Meter 1 Pcs
2 USB Cable 1 Pcs
3 USB Flash disk 1 Pcs
4 AAA Batteries 1 Pcs
5 UV Scale Hooks 1 Pcs
6 User Manual 1 Pcs
7 Certificate/Warranty card 1 Pcs
8 Plastic Case 34*29*9 cm(L*W*H) 1 Pcs

UV light meter package
LS126C UV light meter package

VIII.LS126C UV Light Meter After-Sales Service

1.The meter has one-year warranty. If the instrument works abnormally, please send the whole instrument to our company for maintenance
2.Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services
3.Provide the users with the meter inspection service 
4.Free technical support for long term

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co.,Ltd. Website:      
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For more questions about the selection of the Linshang UV light meter, please click the article below for details

" UV Light Meter Selection and FAQ "

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