LS125 UV Light Meter+UVC Probe

LS125 UV Light Meter+UVC Probe


     Ⅰ.Brief Introduction  

  UVC is a short-wave sterilized ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 200nm~280nm. UVC has a strong bactericidal effect, can destroy the molecular structure of DNA, RNA in bacterial virus, resulting in the death of growth cells and regenerative cells. Ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization is widely used in hospitals, CDC, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, schools, nurseries, cinemas, buses, offices, homes and so on, it can purify the air and avoid the spread of germs through the air or object surface.


UV Light Meter+UVC Probe

  The UVC probe is one of the 9 probes of LS125 UV light meter, with a spectral response range of 230nm-280nm and a peak wavelength of 254nm, suitable for intensity and energy measurement of UV sterilization and germicidal lamp.


Parameters UVC Probe
Spectral response 230nm-280nm, λp = 254nm
Power measuring range 0 - 200000μW/cm2
Resolution 0.1μW/cm2
Energy measuring range 0-9999999μJ/cm2
Record time 0-99999s
Measuring accuracy ±10%
Sampling speed 6 times/second
Optional unit μW/cm2 (default), mW/cm2, W/m2
Test Hole Diameter ¢=10mm
Probe size Diameter 46mm × thickness 16.5mm

UV Light Meter+UVC Probe

      Ⅲ.Spectral response graph  

UV Light Meter spectral response curve


  1. Advanced digital probe technology, it has high precision and good anti - jamming ability.
  2. Power measuring range: 0 - 200000μW/cm2
  3. Optional unit: μW/cm2 (default), mW/cm2, W/m2 

UVC UV light meter unit

  4. A variety of spectral range, measuring range, test hole size of the probe to adapt to different application industries.
  5. Statistical functions, real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, time, energy values are displayed at the same time

      Ⅴ.Operation video   


 Ⅵ.Selection Table 

No. Probe Model
Spectral Response Application Industry
1 UVC 230nm-280nm 254nm UV sterilization mercury lamp
2 UVC-WP 230nm-280nm 254nm UV sterilization mercury lamp,waterproof 
3 UVCLED 230nm-280nm 220nm-320nm UV LED sterilization lamp
4 UVB 280nm-315nm General UVB intensity and energy measurement
5 UVA 315nm-400nm High pressure mercury lamp in UV curing industry
6 UVA-X1 260nm-400nm General UVA intensity and energy measurement
7 UVALED 340nm-420nm Area light source of UV LED in UV curing industry
8 UVALED-X1 340nm-420nm Point light source of UV LED in UV curing industry
9 UVALED-X3 340nm-420nm
General UVA+UVV LED, low power measuring range


  1.The meter has one-year warranty. If the meter works abnormally, pleasesend the whole gauge to our company for maintenance
  2.Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services
  3.Provide the users with the meter inspection service
  4.Free technical support for long term
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