LS220 Automotive Paint Meter

LS220 Automotive Paint Meter


     Ⅰ. Coating Thickness Gauges Brief Introduction  

      LS220 automotive paint meter can be used to measure the paint thickness and uniformity on used-cars for revealing repainted spots , identifying hidden damages and exposing undisclosed accidents. This function is very helpful when determining the actual value of a used-car.   
      LS220 automotive paint meter, also named coating thickness gauge, it can be used not only to measure non-magnetic coatings such as paint, varnish, enamel, chrome and galvanizing on ferromagnetism metal substrates such as steel or iron, but also measure Non-conductive coatings such as paint, anodized layers or ceramic on non-magnetic metal substrates such as copper, aluminum, die cast zinc, brass etc.

coating thickness gauge measure car paint

       The LS220 automotive paint meter is an coating thickness gauge with integrated probe. Fast measurement, 0.5s measuring interval. No calibration,easy to operate.

       Standards for the LS220 coating thickness gauge:
       GB/T 4956-2003 Non-magnetic Coatings on Magnetic Substrates-Measurement of Coating Thickness-Magnetic Method
       GB/T 4957-2003 Non-conductive Coatings on Non-magnetic Basis Metals-Measurement of Coating Thickness-Eddy Current
       DIN EN ISO 2808 Paints and Varnishes-Determination of Film Thickness
       JJG-818-2005 Verification Regulation of Magnetic and Eddy Current Measuring Instrument for Coating Thickness

      Ⅱ. Coating Thickness Gauges Parameters  

Parameter LS220 Coating Thickness Gauge
Probe tip  Ruby fixed
Measuring principle Fe:Hall Effect / NFe: Eddy curren
Probe type Built-in integrated probe
Measuring rang 0.0-2000μm


Accuracy  ≤±(3% reading+2μm)
Unit  μm / mil
Measuring interval
Minimum measuring area Ø = 25mm
Minimum curvature  Convex:5mm / Concave:25mm
Minimum substrate thickness  Fe:0.2mm / NFe:0.05mm
Display  128×48 dot matrix LCD
Power supply  2pcs of 1.5V AAA alkaline battery
Range of operation temperature  0℃-50℃
Storage temperature range  -20℃-60℃
Host size  101*62*28 mm
Probe size  71*26*22 mm
Weight(with battery)  79 g

      Ⅲ. Coating Thickness Gauges Features  
       1. Wear-proof ruby probe tip for long-term use.

coating thickness gauge probe

       2. No calibration, just zero adjustment.Only one button, easy to operate.

       3. With temperature compensation function and digitalizing analog signal function,these sensors are unsusceptible to interference and provide an excellent measuring accuracy
       4. "Fe", "NFe", "Fe/NFe" three measurement modes can be set

coating thickness gauges display  interface

       5. The automotive paint meter automatically identify the substrate and switch measurement mode rapidly
       6. Measuring non-magnetic coatings on steel or iron and measure Non-conductive coatings onnon-magnetic metal substrates in one paint thickness gauge

      Ⅳ. Coating Thickness Gauges Operation video   


  .  Coating Thickness Gauges Packing Details  

No. Item Quantity Unit
1 LS220 Coating Thickness Gauge 1 Set
2 Fe plate of zero adjustment 1 Pcs
3 NFe plate of zero adjustment 1 Pcs
4 Standard film 1 Pcs
5 User manual 1 Pcs
6 Certificate/Warranty card 1 Pcs
7 1.5V AAA alkaline battery 2 Pcs

package of gloss meter


       1.The automotive paint meter has one-year warranty. If the gauge works abnormally, please send the whole paint  thickness gauge to our company for maintenance
       2.Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services
       3.Provide the users with the meter inspection service 
       4.Free technical support for long term
       Manufacturer: Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co.,Ltd. Website:       
       Service hotline: 0755-86263411 Email:

      .More Coating Thickness Gauges   

Probe Type
Measuring Range Accuracy/Resolution Data Transmission Price
LS220 Built-in 0-2000um


≤±(3% reading+2um):0-3mm

≤±(5% reading+2um):3-5mm





LS220H US$118
LS220B Bluetooth US$148
External Unsupported US$148
LS223+F3N3 0-3000um US$250

NFe: 0-3000um

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