LS220B Automotive Paint Meter With Bluetooth

LS220B Automotive Paint Meter With Bluetooth


I: LS220B Automotive Paint Meter Introduction 

LS220B automotive paint meter with Bluetooth is also called car paint meter, which is an integrated instrument with host and probe. The instrument is widely used in the used car industry. When buying a used car, you will encounter a lot of accidental cars that have been repainted or even made sheet metal. It is difficult to judge the overall condition of the car by visual inspection, so most used car appraisers will choose to use a car paint meter with Bluetooth to measure the painted surface thickness of the car.

LS220B automotive paint meter has Bluetooth data transmission function. When testing the painted surface thickness in different places of the used car, the test data can be saved on the mobile phone APP and the test report can be exported. The report can be used to scientifically and objectively analyze the overall condition of the used car painted thickness.

LS220B automotive paint metertest the car paint thickness

II: LS220B Automotive Paint Meter Application

coating thickness gauge test the car paint thickness

III.LS220B Automotive Paint Meter Characteristics

1.The LS220B automotive paint meter has high-sensitivity probe. Measurement can be completed in 0.5 seconds. 120 sets of data can be saved in one minute.

2.Small size, one button, no need to calibrate. The car paint meter can be used directly after booting.

automotive paint meter
LS220B car paint meter dimension

3.Dual-purpose probe for both iron and aluminum, in the automatic identification (Fe / NFe) mode, the car paint thickness gauge can intelligently identify iron, aluminum, plastic and other measuring substrates. It will automatically switch the substrate after identification.

coating thickness gauge test different substrates
LS220B car paint meter test different substrates

4. Adopt the advanced digital probe so that the data is stable after testing the same location for mutiple times.

5. With temperature compensation function, it can be used at minus 20 °.

6. No operation within 3 minutes, the instrument will automatically shut down, saving energy and power.

7. Ruby probe has abrasion and corrosion resistance to ensure long service life.

8. The LS220B car paint meter has Bluetooth data transmission function. After successfully connecting with the mobile phone APP, you can record real-time data and view test report, save pictures and share reports through the APP. (Note: APP only supports Android operating system 6.0 and above)

car paint meter
LS220B automotive paint meter APP interface and test report

9. "Fe", "NFe", "Fe/NFe" three measurement modes can be set for the LS220B automotive paint meter.

measurement modes of automotive paint meter
Three Measurement modes of LS220B automotive paint meter

IV.LS220B Automotive Paint Meter Parameters

Probe tip Ruby fixed
Measuring principle Fe: Hall Effect / NFe: Eddy current
Probe type Built-in integrated probe
Measuring range 0.0-2000μm

0.1μm:(0μm - 99.9μm)
1μm:(100μm - 999μm)
0.01mm:(1.00mm - 2.00mm)

Accuracy ≤±(3% reading+2μm)
Unit μm / mil
Measuring interval 0.5s
Minimum measuring area Ø = 25mm
Minimum curvature Convex:5mm / Concave:25mm
Minimum substrate thickness Fe:0.2mm / NFe:0.05mm
Display 128×48 dot matrix LCD
Power supply 2pcs of 1.5V AAA alkaline battery
Range of operation temperature 0℃-50℃
Storage temperature range -20℃-60℃
Gauge size 101*62*28 mm
Weight(with battery) 79 g
Data transmission Bluetooth

LS220B coating thickness gauge dimension

V.Product Qualification and Standards

1. LS220B automotive paint meter conforms to the following standards

  • GB/T 4956-2003 Non-magnetic Coatings on Magnetic Substrates-Measurement of Coating Thickness-Magnetic Method

  • GB/T 4957-2003 Non-conductive Coatings on Non-magnetic Basis Metals-Measurement of Coating Thickness-Eddy Current

  • DIN EN ISO 2808 Paints and Varnishes-Determination of Film Thickness

  • JJG-818-2005 Verification Regulation of Magnetic and Eddy Current Measuring Instrument for Coating Thickness


VI.LS220B Automotive Paint Meter Operation Video 

LS220B coating thickness gauge operation video

VII: Packling List of LS220B Paint Thickness Gauge With Bluetooth

No. Description Quantity Unit
1 LS220B coating Thickness Gauge 1 set
2 Fe zero-adjustment plate 1 pcs
3 NFe zero-adjustment plate 1 pcs
4 Standard film 1 pcs
5 User manual 1 pcs
6 Drawstring bag 1 pcs
7 Certificate / Warranty card 1 pcs
8 1.5V AAA alkaline battery 2 pcs

automotive paint meter package
LS220B automotive paint meter package

VIII. Linshang Automotive Paint Meter After-sales Service

  1. The meter has one-year warranty. If the meter works abnormally,please send the instrument to our company for maintenance

  2. Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services

  3. Provide the users with the meter inspection service 

  4. Free technical support for long term

IX.Linshang Automotive Paint Meter Selection and FAQ

If you want to know more about the Linshang paint thickness gauge,Please click “Paint Thickness Gauge Selection and FAQ”.