LS301 Solar Film Temperature Meter

Real-time Temperature + Heat-Insulation Rate

Visualise the insulation capacity of different materials
Test the thermal insulation rate of materials directly

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LS301 thermal insulation film temperature tester is a temperature test box that can directly demonstrate the thermal insulation rate of solar film and energy-saving glass thermal insulation rate. It can also compare the thermal insulation effects of two different materials by temperature while testing the thermal insulation rate of 940nm.


Parameter LS301 Solar Film Meter
Unilateral temperature measurement accuracy ± 0.5°C
Temperature unevenness of double lamps 2°C
Temperature measurement range -55°C ~ + 125°C
Temperature test time 1 minute
IR peak wavelength 940nm
Insulation rate measurement accuracy ± 2% (colorless and uniform trasparent materials)
Maximum thickness of material 20mm
Test glass size (not included) 200mm × 160mm
Weight about 13 kg
Dimension 340mm * 200mm * 400 mm(L*W*H)
Power supply 220V AC


Employing 150W Philip infrared lamp

Using 150W genuine Philips infrared light with better insulation effect

Measure temperature and insulation rate together

The LS301 solar film temperature meter can simultaneously display the real-time temperature value and the insulation rate of tested materials during the test

Demonstration of how to use LS301 for testing

Operation Video


No. Description Quantity Unit
1 LS301 Solar Film Temperature Meter 1 pcs
2 User Manual 1 pcs
3 Certificate/warranty card 1 pcs
4 Packing box dimension 29*49*41
cm (L*W*H)
1 pcs
LS301 Solar film temperature meter package
LS301 Solar film temperature meter package


  1. 1. Why is the shipping cost of this device so expensive?

    The device is made of stainless steel, with a net weight of 13kg, so the freight is relatively high.

  2. 2. What is the difference between LS300 and LS301?

    LS300 can display the real-time temperature and temperature difference before and after powering on the IR lamps.

    LS301 can display the real-time temperature and heat rejection rate. (Actually it's the 950nm IR rejection rate of the sample)

  3. 3. What is the suitable glass size for LS300 and LS301?

    The glass size is 20*16cm, the thickness should not exceed 5mm.

  4. 4. What is the specification of the plug? Can you provide plugs of other specifications?

    It uses a three-wire socket, which is a 220V power socket for household appliances in China. Currently, plugs of other specifications are not provided, please purchase adapters or transformers yourself.



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