LS120 UV Energy Meter

LS120 UV Energy Meter


    Ⅰ.Brief Introduction                                                                                                                     

      LS120 UV Energy Meter can measure the UV energy density, UV irradiance and temperature at the same time. It can be used to:
      1. Detect the UV energy density, UV irradiance and temperature of UV curing machine.
      2. Measure the UV irradiance and temperature of machines, such as UV drying machine, exposure machine and printing machine etc.

      The first UV energy meter has temperature curve
      The first UV energy meter with real time value of temperature and irradiance
      The first UV energy meter built-in timer and accurate records of curing time
      The first UV energy meter can record 60000 data
      The first UV energy meter can connect computer via a USB and print the testing report

       1. Spectral range: 320nm --- 390nm   Peak Weavelength = 365nm
       2. Irradiance measuring range: 0 --- 2000mW/cm2
       3. Irradiance resolution: 0.1 mW/cm2
       4. Energy measuring range: 0 --- 999999mJ/cm2
       5. Energy measuring accuracy: +/- 10%, +/- 5% (typical)
       6. Temperature measuring range: -55℃ --- +125℃
       7. Sampling speed: 2048 times/second
       8. Irradiance data storage interval: 32 times/second
       9. Temperature data storage interval: 2 times/second
       10. Recording period: 32min
       11. Power supply: 2 AAA alkaline dry batteries
       12. Display: 240*160 Dot matrix LCD
       13. Dimension: Diameter 120mm * thickness 13mm
       14. Weight: 327g

       1.It is the real smart UV energy meter with a large LCD to display the temperature and irradiance curve directly.
       2. It is equipped with a USB port, and the computer software can read the record data, drawing curves and print out testing reports.
       3. It has a high precision fast response temperature sensor and can measure the real temperature in the curing machine dynamically.
       4. It has a built-in heat resisting sheet, can resist high temperature and operate at 100℃ for long time.
       5. A built-in large memory and can record irradiance data up to 60,000 and temperature data up to 3800.
       6. The stored data will not be lost when the the power is off and the last testing data will be displayed automatically when power is on; the test data can only be deleted manually.
       7. It is with high accuracy, and has passed many tests of authoritative testing organizations and got certificates.

    Ⅳ.Operation video                                                                                                                        

120 UV energy meter front

120 UV energy meter

UV energy meter back

120 UV energy meter display value

UV energy meter PC software

UV energy meter test report

LS120 UV energy meter packing box

    .Packing Details                                                                                                                         

       1.LS120 UV Energy Meter          1pcs
       2.USB able                                    1pcs
       3.AAA battery                                2pcs
       4.Antistatic gloves                         1pcs
       5.Cross head screw-river             1pcs
       6.User manual                                1pcs
       7.Certificate/Warranty card           1pcs
       8.Plastic case                                 1pcs


       1.The meter has one-year warranty. If the gauge works abnormally, pleasesend the whole gauge to our company for maintenance
       2.Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services
       3.Provide the users with the meter inspection service 
       4.Free technical support for long term

       Manufacturer: Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co.,Ltd. Website:      
       Service hotline: 0755-86263411 Email:

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