LS128 UV Energy Meter

Special for UV LED (365, 385, 395, 405nm, etc.)
UV intensity measuring range of 40000mW/cm²
Record UV intensity, energy, temperature, test duration
Provide PC software to export the test data

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LS128 UV energy meter is the first professional UV energy meter for testing UV LED light sources in the world. Its spectral response range is 340nm-420nm. It can test various wavelengths of 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm and other UV LED lamps. It is the first choice for UV LED Energy meters. Create various first:

  1. The first UV energy meter for UV LED light source testing.

  2. The first wide-range UV energy meter with a range of 40W/cm².

  3. The first UV energy meter for a wide spectrum (340nm-420nm).

  4. The first UV energy meter that measures temperature and power at the same time and can display process curves.

If you want to know how to use LS128 UV power puck to test UV LED light source, please watch the video below:


Parameter LS128 UV Energy Meter
Application Light intensity, energy and temperature measurement of UV LED light sources
Spectral range 340nm - 420nm, calibrated at 395nm UV LED light sources
Irradiance measuring range 0 - 40000 mW/cm²
Irradiance resolution 1 mW/cm²
Energy measuring range 0 - 999999mJ/cm²
Energy measuring accuracy ± 10% , ± 5% (typical)
Temperature measuring range -55°C - +125°C
Sampling speed 2048 times/second
Irradiance data storage interval 32 times/second
Temperature data storage interval 2 times/second
Recording period 32 min
Power supply 2 AAA alkaline dry batteries
Display 240*160 Dot matrix LCD
Dimension Diameter 120mm * Thickness 13mm
Weight 327g
LS128 UV energy meter
LS128 UV energy meter


1. With wide spectral response range, the UV power puck can test UV LED light source with any peak in the range of 365nm-405nm.

2. Real intelligent UV energy meter, the maximum value, real-time value, temperature curve and power curve can be switched.

3. Ultra-wide measurement range design, the UV power puck can measure up to 40,000 mW / cm² (40W / cm²) and can test high power UV light source

4. The high-precision and fast-response temperature detector is used to measure the actual temperature in the curing machine. 

5. High temperature resistant design with built-in heat insulation sheet, it can run in the environment of 100 degrees Celsius for a long time. Click for more “Use Time of Linshang UV Energy Meter at Different High Temperature''

6. Built-in large-capacity memory.

7. Built-in timer can accurately record the UV curing time.

8. The stored data will not be lost when the power is turned off. The last test data will be displayed automatically when the power is turned on. You need to manually delete the test data.

 LS128 energy meter display the last recorded data
LS128 energy meter display the last recorded data

9. The UV power puck can be connected to the PC software through the USB interface, you can read detailed record data, perform curve analysis and print out test reports.

LS128 UV energy meter test report
LS128 UV energy meter test report

10. Long press the power button in the off state to enter into the parameters setting mode, the setting steps are shown as below:

Qualification and Standards

LS128 UV energy meter patent certificate
LS128 UV energy meter patent certificate

Operation Video

Operation video

Software operation

Packaging Details

No Description Quantity Unit
1 LS128 UV Energy Meter 1 pcs
2 USB able 1 pcs
3 AAA battery 2 pcs
4 Antistatic gloves 1 pcs
5 Cross head screw-driver 1 pcs
6 User manual 1 pcs
7 Certificate/Warranty card 1 pcs
8 Plastic box dimension 25*21*7cm (L*W*H) 1 pcs
LS128 UV energy meter package
LS128 UV energy meter package

After Sales Service

  1. The meter has one-year warranty. If the instrument works abnormally, please send the whole instrument to our company for maintenance

  2. Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services

  3. Provide the users with the meter inspection service 

  4. Free technical support for long term

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co.,Ltd. Website: 

Service hotline: 0755-86263411 Email:

For the UV energy meter selection, please click “UV Energy Meter Selection and FAQ”. 


  1. 1. The difference between LS120 and LS128 UV energy meters

    LS120 UV energy meter is mainly used to detect 365nm UV high pressure mercury lamp, while LS128 UV energy meter is mainly used to detect 365nm, 385nm, 395nm and 405nm UV LED light sources.

  2. 2. The difference between LS128 and LS131 UV energy meters

    Both LS128 and LS131 are UV energy meters used to detect 365nm, 385nm, 395nm and 405nm UV LED light sources. They can measure the power value (irradiation intensity) of the UV lamp, the energy value and display the power curve; in addition, LS128 can also measure the temperature in the curing machine, and display temperature curve, but LS131 does not have this function.

  3. 3. Whether a traceable calibration certificate is included?

    LS120 and LS130 are professional UV energy meters used to detect 365nm high-pressure mercury lamps, which can be ensured to pass the inspection of the Metrology Institute and obtain a calibration certificate (approved by CNAS and ilac-MRA). The cost of the calibration certificate is about US$200 ; LS128 and LS131 are UV energy meters that are professionally used to detect UV LED light sources. There is no unified inspection standard for LED light sources, each light source and UV energy meter manufacturer has their own calibration standards. We can provide the factory calibration reports for these two UV LED energy meters, but no calibration certificates can be provided.

    LS130 and LS131 have certified to CE.

  4. 4. How to calibrate UV energy meter, how often do I need to calibrate and how much does it cost?

    To calibrate the UV energy meter, please send the instrument back to the manufacturer. Generally, it is recommended to calibrate it once a year. If the storage environment is good and the frequency of use is not high, the calibration period can also be extended according to user needs. The first calibration is free, and the cost of each subsequent calibration is US $32.

Recommended Products

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● Test intensity and energy of UV LED (365, 385, 395, 405nm, etc.)
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● UV intensity measuring range: 0 - 40000 mW/cm²
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● Detect intensity and energy of UVA LED plane light sources
● Used in UV curing, PCB exposure, 3D printing, etc.
● Spectral response range: 340nm-420nm, calibrated with 395nm UV LED
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