LS129 UV Digital Probe

Monitor UV intensity and energy in real time

Support MODBUS communication protocol
Provide RS485 communication interface
Connecting to PLC/Computer for easy automation integration
Small size for installation

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LS129 is a small and intelligent communication UV digital probe. It is suitable for various measurement occasions that need to detect UV power and energy in real time. The digital probe has a standard RS485 communication interface and supports MODBUS communication protocol. Its detector and controller are separate which is easy to installation and can be directly connected to a computer, PLC and human-machine interfaceI for communication in order to realize real-time data acquisition and monitoring.

Probe Parameter

Depending on the UV spectrum range and application industry, Linshang has launched three different UV digital probes to choose from, namely LS129-UVALED, LS129-UVA and LS129-UVC. The following table shows the relevant parameters of the three digital probes.

Probe Model LS129-UVALED LS129-UVA LS129-UVC
Spectral response 340nm-420nm,
calibrated at 395nm
λp =365nm
λp =254nm
Power measurement range 0-20000mW/cm2 0-2000mW/cm2 0-200000μW/cm2
Energy measurement range 0 - 4 × 109 mJ/cm2 0 - 4 × 109 μJ/cm2
Resolution 1mW/cm2 0.1mW/cm2 0.1μW/cm2
Measurement accuracy
(H is the standard value)
H<50mW/cm2: ±5 mW/cm2
H>=50mW/cm2: ±10%H
H<5mW/cm2: ±0.5mW/cm2
H>=5mW/cm2: ±10%H
H<50μW/cm2: ±5μW/cm2
H>=50μW/cm2: ±10%H
Sampling speed 2048times/s 6times/s
Data fresh cycle 200ms
Test light hole diameter ¢10mm
Communication line length 1m, resistant to high temperature of 80℃
Detector line length 0.5m, resistant to high temperature of 200℃ Integrated
Communication interface RS485
Communication protocol MODBUS
Supply voltage DC 5V-24V 20mA
Operation temperature -25℃- 85℃ (Humidity less than 85%, no condensation)
Controller size 72.5*32*15.1(mm)
Probe size 35*15*14.5(mm)
LS129 digital probe response curve
LS129 digital probe response curve

Communication Parameters

1. Station No

The LS129 smart digital probe supports the standard MODBUS protocol. The default communication address is "1". You can modify the probe communication address through the "Human Machine Debugging Tool" or the communication protocol. The address setting range is 1-247.

2. Baud rate

The default baud rate of the UV digital probe is 9600bps. The baud rate can be modified through the "Human Machine Debugging Tool" or communication protocol.

3. Protocol

Supports the standard MODBUS protocol. You can read the measurement data, set the communication address and baud rate through the communication protocol. For detailed communication commands, please refer to "LS129 Digital Probe Communication Protocol".

4. Probe wiring

Wire color Function
Black (with heat-shrinkabletube) Shielded wire
Red Positive power(DC 5-24V)
Black Negative power
Green/Blue RS485-
White/Yellow RS485+


Adopt RS485 communication interface, Support MODBUS communication protocol

This UV intensity probe adopts standard RS485 communication interface and MODBUS communication protocol. It is equipped with high temperature wire capable of withstanding temperature of 200 ℃, which can realize online monitoring in real time for a long time

Whole probe is exquisite and compact, Detector and controller is seperate

The LS129 UV digital probe has a very small size, and the detector and controller adopt a split design, which is very convenient for installation where measurement is needed. It is also possible to combine the detector and controller with screws for measurement

Ultra-wide power supply range

The probe is powered by a 5-24V ultra-wide DC power supply range, which is very convenient for use in different industries on spot

Free computer debugging software for communication protocol debugging.

There are two kinds of RS485 negative communication cable in green and blue, please refer to the actual color of the received goods

Debugging tools

Human Machine Interface for commissioning

It can be used to view test data, set probe address and baud rate during debugging

RS232/RS485 converter

Used for communication protocol debugging

USB adapter

used to read data from RS485 to USB connection computer

Note: The debugging human-machine interface, RS232 converter and USB converter are not standard. These accessories can be purchased as required


  1. 1. LS129 is just a UV probe, why is it so expensive?

    LS129 is an digital UV probe, which adopts standard RS485 communication interface and MODBUS communication protocol. It is equipped with 200℃ high temperature resistant cable, which can monitor the radiation intensity and energy value of UV light source in real time for a long time.

  2. 2. Can the LS129 UV digital probe provide a device to display data?

    If you don't need to connect a computer or a PLC, you can also purchase the human-machine interface directly from our company.

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