LS129 Ultraviolet Digital Probe

LS129 Ultraviolet Digital Probe


    Ⅰ.Brief Introduction   

    LS129 Ultraviolet Digital Probe is an ultra-small intelligent UVA digital probe which can be used for all situations that need UVA power and temperature values. The probe has standard RS485 communication interface and MODBUS communication protocol. It is convenient to communicate with PLC, human-computer interface, computer and other equipment and collect and monitor real-time data.

LS129 digital ultraviolet probe


Technical parameters
Spectral response 340nm-420nm,calibrate at 395nm


λp =365nm


λp =254nm

Power measurement range 0-20000mW/cm² 0-2000mW/cm² 0-20000μW/cm²
Energy measurement range 0 - 4 ×10mJ/cm2 0 - 4 × 109 μJ/cm2
1mW/cm² 0.1mW/cm² 1μW/cm²
Measurement accuracy ±10 %
Sampling speed 2048 times/s
Data fresh cycle
Test light hole diameter ¢10mm
Probe line length 1 m, temperature resistance of the line is 200 degrees Celsius
Communication interface RS485
Communication protocol MODBUS
Supply voltage  DC 5-24V
Operating temperature  -25 ℃ --- 85 ℃(Humidity less than 85%, no condensation)
Controller size 72.5*32*15.1(mm)
Probe size 35*15*14.5(mm) 35*23*16.7(mm)


    1. Ultra-small UV intelligent digital probe which is easy to install and use;
    2. Wide DC power supply range, easy to use on-site;
    3. RS485 communication interface and MODBUS communication protocol make it convenient to integrate various intelligent equipment

    Ⅳ.Operation video   

digital UV probe

UV digital probe

Linshang LS129 digital UV probe side face

wires of uv probe     Ⅴ.Service  

     1.The meter has one-year warranty. If the gauge works abnormally, pleasesend the whole gauge to our company for maintenance
     2.Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services
     3.Provide the users with the meter inspection service 
     4.Free technical support for long term

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