LS125 Multi-probe UV Light Meter Host

Support 9 different probes for UVA, UVB, UVC, etc.
Record UV power, UV energy and test duration together
Automatic statistics of maximum, minimum and average power

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LS125 is a smart host that can support 9 different probes. It can intelligently identify different probes. This host is connected to the probe through an aviation plug. The main function of the host is to display test data. The host equipped with the probe can be used for ultraviolet intensity and energy detection. To use the host, you need to buy the corresponding probe to use with it as per your test requirements.


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Parameters LS125 UV Light Meter
Weight About 194g
Dimension 148mm × 76mm × 26mm (L*W*H)
Display 240*160 dot matrix LCD
Power supply 4 AAA alkaline batteries
Probe connection Push pull (Snap-in style),Aviation socket
LS125 UV light meter host display
LS125 UV light meter host display


Ultraviolet light includes UVA band (315nm-420nm), UVB band (280nm-315nm) and UVC band (230nm-280nm). UVA band is mainly used in photocuring, lithographic exposure, ultraviolet light source, integrated circuit lithography and other industries; UVB band UV lamps mainly include physiotherapy lamps in hospitals and health care places, plant growth lamps and UVB fluorescent lamps for reptiles; UVC band also known as short-wave sterilization ultraviolet, ultraviolet germicidal lamps emit UVC short-wave ultraviolet. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are mainly used for disinfection and sterilization. They are often used in hospitals, transfer windows of drug factories, disease control centers and sewage treatment plants. The LS125 handheld UV measurement device is widely used. Many of the above industries require different ultraviolet probes to detect the radiation intensity or energy value.

Probe Selection

According to the spectral response range, application, measuring range and test aperture size of the light source, we have introduced 9 different types of probes (probe must be purchased separately). The selection table is as follows:

Select according to the spectral response range and application of the light source

No. Probetype Spectral response range Power range Test aperture Application Link
1 UVC-X0 230-280nm 0 - 200000 μW/cm² Φ10mm 254nm UV sterilization mercury lamp More details
2 UVCWP-X1 230-280nm 0 - 200000 μW/cm² Φ10mm 254nm UV sterilization mercury lamp,waterproof More details
3 UVCLED-X0 240-320nm 0 - 200000 μW/cm² Φ10mm 260nm-285nm UV LED germicidal lamp More details
4 UVB-X0 280-315nm 0 - 200000 μW/cm² Φ10mm General UVB intensity and energy measurement More details
5 UVA-X0 315-400nm 0 - 2000 mW/cm² Φ10mm High pressure mercury lamp in UV curing industry More details
6 UVA-X1 315-400nm 0 - 200000 μW/cm² Φ10mm General UVA intensity and energy measurement More details
7 UVALED-X0 340-420nm 0 - 20000 mW/cm² Φ10mm Area light source of UV LED in UV curing industry More details
8 UVALED-X1 340-420nm 0 - 20000 mW/cm² Φ1mm Point light source of UV LED in UV curing industry More details
9 UVALED-X3 340-420nm 0 - 200000 μW/cm² Φ10mm General UVA+UVV LED, low power measuring range More details

Suggestion of Probes for Classic Industry Application

No. Application Suggested Probe
1 Detect UV aging box UVA-X1、UVB-X0
2 Detect ambient light
and sunlight
3 Detect welding arc UVA-X1、UVB-X0、UVC-X0
4 Detect UV light of
non-destructive testing
5 Detect UV Nail Lamp UVALED-X3
6 Detect plant growth lamp or
reptile lamp


Free to match 9 types of probes

LS125 host and probe are linked by aviation plugs. One host can intelligently match 9 different UV probes to meet different test needs

Using advanced digital probe technology

nine probes that equipped with the host all use digital probe technology and is not easily interfered during the test

Intelligent identification of the probe model

The host can intelligently identify the model of the probe after being connected with and adapts the display interface according to the type of the probe

Powerful data statistics function

The LS125 host can intelligently count maximum power value, minimum power value, average power value, real-time power value and accumulated energy value of the light source, and accurately record the test time. (You can also choose not to display the energy value in the setting mode)

Provide different unit selections based on the identified probe model

9 sets of measurement data can be saved

Powered by four AAA batteries and the host will automatically shut down after 10 minutes without any operation, avoiding waste

Qualifications and Standards

Patent certificate and calibration report of multi-probe UV light meter
Patent certificate and calibration report of multi-probe UV light meter

Operation Video


No. Item Quantity Unit
1 LS125 UV light meter 1 Pcs
2 Probe According to thenumbers of probe ordered Pcs
3 AAA battery 4 Pcs
4 User manual 1 Pcs
5 Calibration Report 1 Pcs
6 Certificate/Warranty card 1 Pcs
7 Plastic box 1 Pcs
8 Packing box dimension 1 Pcs
LS125 UV light meter package
LS125 UV light meter package

UV Light Meter Selection

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  1. 1. Can the test data of LS125 UV light meter be exported to a computer or can it connected to a mobile APP?

    No, the test data of LS125 UV light meter can only be read on the display screen of the host. If you need to export the data, you can learn about our UV energy meter (measuring UVA band) and UV light meter LS126C (measuring 254nm UVC germicidal lamp).

  2. 2. Can I get a 1-meter test hook if I buy a LS125 UV light meter?

    The 1-meter hook is not a standard accessory for LS125 UV light meter, but you can purchase this accessory seperately.



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