LS160 Transmission Meter

Special for window tint and window film (<0.8mm)

Measure IR/UV rejection rate, VLT
Enable to measure IR rejection rate, UV rejection rate and Visible Light Transmittance
Small size and easy to carry

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LS160 Transmission Meter Features and Operation

LS160 transmission meter is mainly used for testing the transmittance, ultraviolet and infrared rejectiong rates of automotive films. The biggest advantage of the instrument is its compact size and affordable price. It is the best choice for automotive solar film display exhibition, production, quality inspection and inspection. The pocket solar film transmission meter has been widely used in solar film manufacturers, automotive film distribution, automotive film retail sales system.


Parameter LS160 Transmission Meter
Size 93mm *52mm *25m (L*W*H)
Weight 70g (exclude batteries)
Maximum sample thickness <0.8mm
Resolution 0.1%
Accuracy ±2%(Colorless and transparent material)
Visible light Peak wavelength 530nm
UV Peak wavelength 365nm
IR Peak wavelength 940nm
Display 128*128 Dot matrix LCD
Battery 4*AAA alkaline battery
LS160 Window Tint Meter
LS160 Window Tint Meter


Compact and Convenient

Super small size which is very convenient to carry out

Easy to operate and display instantly

The light transmittance, UV rejection rate, IR rejection rate can be displayed immediately after putting the materials into the test slot

Real-time dynamic calibration function

The solar film transmission meter has real-time dynamic calibration function. It will self-calibrate if no material in the test slot which is to ensure the accurate test data

Lock data by pressing HOLD button

Press HOLD button can lock data on the screen. Taking away the material, the data is still showed on the screen

LS160 Transmission Meter testing state
LS160 Transmission Meter data locking state

Low power consumption
Save energy

Powered by 4 AAA alkaline dry batteries, ultra-low power consumption and easy replacement. The meter will automatic shutdown after 3 minutes if there is no any operation making it more power-saving and energy-saving

Qualifications and Standards


No. Description Quantity Unit
1 LS160 Transmission Meter 1 pcs
2 AAA battery   4 pcs
3 User Manual     1 pcs
4 Certificate / warranty card    1 pcs
5 Cloth packing bag  1 pcs
6 Screwdriver 1 pcs
7 Spare screw 1 pcs
8 Packing box dimension 15*8*5 cm(L*W*H) 1 pc
LS160 portable solar film transmission meter package
LS160 portable solar film transmission meter package


Transmission Meter measured V-KOOL solar film

Transmission Meter measured 3M solar film

Transmission Meter measured Llumar solar film

Transmission Meter Selection

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More details


  1. 1.The difference between LS160 (940nm) and LS160A (1400nm) window film transmission meters

    The main difference between LS160 and LS160A is that the peak wavelength of the built-in infrared light source is different, LS160: 940nm, LS160A: 1400nm, these two wavelengths are more representative, most of the absorption film has a better blocking effect on 940nm infrared. The metallic film (insulation by reflecting heat) has a better blocking effect on 1400nm infrared. Please choose the appropriate model according to your own film category.

  2. 2. The difference between LS160 and LS162 window film transmission meters

    The appearance and size is different and the measurement parameters are basically the same; the test notch of LS160 is 0.8mm, which is only suitable for testing materials with a thickness of less than 0.8mm;

    The test notch of LS162 is 8mm, which can test films and stick-film glass. It can also directly measure the data of automobile side windshield.