LS163 Transmission Meter

LS163 Transmission Meter


I: Brief Introduction of LS163 Transmission Meter

LS163 transmission meter is a portable light transmission measuring instrument, it’s able to simultaneously measure the visible light transmittance, IR rejection (transmission) value and UV rejection (transmission) value of solar film, stick-film glass and other materials.

LS163 transmission meter

II: Parameters of LS163 Transmission Meter

1. UV Peak wavelength: 365nm
2. IR Peak wavelength: 940nm
3. Visible light wavelength: 380-760nm, conforming to the CIE photopic luminosity function
4. Accuracy: ±2% (Colorless and transparent material)
5. Resolution: 0.1%
6. Test Slot: 6mm * 58mm (W*D)
7. Meter Size: 120mm *75mm *25mm (L*W*H)
8. Display: 128*128 Dot matrix LCD
9. Weight: 187g (Include Batteries)
10.Power supply: 4*AAA alkaline battery

III: Features of LS163 Transmission Meter

1.Test slot is 6mm which can directly test the window glass.
2.Adopt LCD dot matrix with backlight which can be used without lights.
3.The display interface will rotate adaptively which is convenient for reading measurement data

LS163 solar film transmission meter

4.Equipped with real-time dynamic self-calibration function, which is automatically self-calibrated after powering on.
5.Three display interfaces can be selected. (UVR/IRR/VLT, UVT/IRT/VLT and VLT)
6.Ultra-low power consumption, 4 AAA alkaline batteries can maintain continuous measurement for more than 100 hours
7.UV rejection meter, IR rejection meter, light transmittance meter, three function in ONE device.

LS163 Solar film transmission meter

8.Simple operation, putting the testing sample in the test slot, UV Rejection, IR Rejection, Visible light transmittance values of the sample will be displayed simultaneously.
9.Applicable to solar film, stick-film glass and other materials performance exhibition, production, quality inspection and other occasions.

IV: Packling List of LS163 Transmission Meter

No. Description Quantity Unit
1 LS163 Transmission Meter 1 set
2 User Manual 1 pcs
3 AAA Battery 4 pcs
4 Certificate / Warranty Card 1 pcs
5 Drawstring Bag 1 pcs

Package of LS163 transmission meter

V: Service 

1.The meter has one-year warranty. If the meter works abnormally, please send the whole meter to the company for maintenance.
2.Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services.
3.Provide the users with the meter inspection service for free.
4.Free technical support for long term.

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co., Ltd.
Service hotline: 086-0755-86263411

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