LS101 Solar Film Transmission Meter (2nd)

LS101 Solar Film Transmission Meter (2nd)


I. LS101 Transmission Meter Introduction

Linshang LS101 solar film transmission meter adopt parallel light path design which is very suitable for optical properities testing of automotive films, explosion-proof films, architectural films, thermal insulation films, film glass and other materials. It can measure ultraviolet rejection rate, infrared rejection rate and visible light transmittance at the same time. The large-screen LCD screen display is convenient for reading.

LS101 solar film tester display
LS101 solar film tester display

II. LS101 Transmission Meter Parameters

Size 175mm*120mm*30mm (L*W*H)
Test slot 20mm * 70 mm (W*H)
Weight 360g
Resolution 0.1%
Accuracy ±2% (Colorless and transparent material)
UV Peak wavelength 365nm
Visible light 380-760nm, conforming to the CIE photopic luminosity function
IR Peak wavelength 940nm
Power Supply 4*AA alkaline batteries or 5V AC/DC power supply
LS101 solar film transmission meter display
LS101 solar film transmission meter display

III. LS101 Transmission Meter Characteristics

1. Simultaneously test the rejection rate of ultraviolet rays, infrared rays and visible light transmittance. The operation is simple, just put the measured object into the test slot. Then the three test data will be displayed immediately. The measurement is very fast.

LS101 solar film tester test film
LS101 solar film tester test film

2. Adopt parallel light path light source and the condensing receiver. The window tint meter can test solar films, architectural films, laminated glass and large thickness materials.

LS101 solar film transmission meter test thick film
LS101 solar film transmission meter test thick film

3. The instrument has a real-time dynamic self-calibration function which can make self-calibration after booting.

LS101 solar film transmission meter self-calibration
LS101 solar film transmission meter self-calibration

4. The solar film transmissin meter has data lock function, you can press the HOLD button on the instrument to lock the data after the test. The test data is still held on the display interface, which makes reading easier.

LS101 transmission meter data lock function display
LS101 transmission meter data lock function display

5. Using a large LCD screen, with backlight. The instrument can be used in the light dark environment.

6. The window film transmission meter is equipped with a support which make reading more convenient.

7. The window tint meter is powered by 4 AA alkaline dry batteries which can continuously run more than 180 hours. You can also use a 5V power supply USB Type C interface for long-term continuous power supply.

8. The instrument has automatic shutdown function. It will automatically shut down after 3 minutes without any operation to save power and energy.

9. Patented product, patent number: 201320406828.8.

IV. LS101 Transmission Meter Qualification and Standard

LS101 solar film tester patent certificate
LS101 solar film tester patent certificate

V. LS101 Transmission Meter Operation Video

VI. LS101 Transmission Meter Packaging Details

No. Description Quantity Unit
1 LS101 Solar Film Transmission Meter 1 set
2 User Manual 1 pcs
3 AA Battery 4 pcs
4 Certificate / Warranty Card 1 pcs
LS101 transmission meter package
LS101 transmission meter package

VII. LS101 Transmission Meter After-Sales Service

  1. The meter has one-year warranty. If the instrument works abnormally,please send the instrument to our company for maintenance

  2. Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services

  3. Provide the users with the meter inspection service 

  4. Free technical support for long term

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co.,Ltd. Website:

Service hotline: 0755-86263411 Email:

For more details about the transmission meter selection, please click on thearticle below to view details

"Window Film Transmission Meter Selection and FAQ 

VIII. FAQ about LS101 Transmission Meter

  1. 1. The difference between new and old LS101 window tint meter

    The parameters are basically the same, all of which can measure the three parameters of heat insulation, UV protection and light transmission; the old model can only be used by plugging in and displayed by a digital tube;

    The new model is LCD display, uses 4 AA batteries and has a USB interface. A power bank or 5V charging head can be used for power supply;

    The old LS101 use point light source, which is only suitable for testing films and thin glass; the new LS101 uses parallel light paths and thick glass can also be tested.

  2. 2. The difference between LS101 and LS162 window film transmission meters

    LS162 use point light source, while LS101 use parallel light path, LS101 has higher data accuracy for measuring thick materials;

    LS162 can only be powered by battery, while LS101 can also be powered by USB cable in addition to battery;

    LS101 has a screen backlight, while LS162 has no screen backlight;

    Except for the above differences and the differences in appearance, the other parameters of LS101 and LS162 are completely the same.

IX. Recommended products

● Thickness of testing sample: <8mm
● VLT (380-760nm), UV rejection rate (365nm), IR rejection rate (940nm)
● Test visible light transmittance, UV and Infrared rejection rate of absorbing films, automotive windshield,etc
Price: $68
Model: LS162
● Thickness of testing sample: <6mm
● Light source: VL(380-760nm), UV(365nm), IR(940nm)
● Select to display rejection rate / transmission / VLT
● Measure window film, stick-film glass, PC material,etc.
Price: $88
Model: #123
● Light course: VL(380-760nm), UV(365nm), IR(940nm,1400nm)
● Measure VLT, UV rejection, IR rejection and SHGC
● Three gears 940nm,1400nm and full IR can be switched
● Suitable for absorbing, ceramic, metallic film,insulating glass,etc
Price: $270
Model: LS182