LS108 Spectrum Transmission Meter

Test UV400 / VLT / blue and violet light transmittance

Special for anti-blue and UV proof materials
1mm test aperture

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LS108 spectrum transmission meter is a professional optical transmittance tester for measuring the spectacle lenses, coating materials, organic materials, anti-blue light materials and other materials. The meter combines three measuring light paths into one. Users can select to measure the transmission rate or rejection rate. Four display interfaces can be switched. The LS108 spectrum transmission meter uses a 395nm purple light source, a 430nm blue light source and a visible light source to illuminate the transparent material during test. The sensor detects incident light intensity of the three light sources and the light intensity after passing through the transparent material. The ratio of transmitted light intensity to incident light intensity is transmittance, displayed as a percentage.

Rejection rate=100%- transmission rate


Parameter LS108 Spectrum Transmission Meter
Purple light peak wavelength 395nm
Blue light peak wavelength 430nm
Visible light 380nm-760nm full wavelength, in line with CIE photopic luminosity function
Minimum test sample size ¢1mm
Resolution 0.1%
Accuracy ±2% (colorless uniform transparent material, 0-90% transmittance)
Weight about 1570g
Dimension 170mm × 180mm × 144mm(L*H*W)
Display 480px * 272px color LCD
Power supply DC5V/1A


The meter is widely applicable

The spectrum transmission meter has a wide range of applications, suitable for the transmission and rejection rate test of glasses, glass, anti-blue light materials, mobile phone lenses, etc

LS108 test sunglasses

LS108 test sunglasses

LS108 test mobile phone lenses

LS108 test mobile phone lenses

LS108 test glasses

LS108 test glasses

LS108 test transparent glasses

LS108 test transparent glasses

Measure multiple sets of data at once

The light transmission meter can simultaneously measure the transmission value and rejection rate of 430nm blue light /395nm purple light /380nm-760nm visible light and UV400 (the maximum ultraviolet rejection wavelength)

Three-in-one light source path

The meter uses one light path. Three transmission values can be obtained by measuring one time

Testing of UV400 is available

The UV400 is an important parameter used to judge the UV protection ability of sunglasses. If the average transmittance of the ultraviolet rays below 400 nm is not more than 2%,the lens meets the requirements of UV400. The instrument can measure the UV400 and detect the UV protection of the lens

Real-time dynamic self-calibration

The meter has a real-time dynamic self-calibration function, the transmission meter will be automatically calibrated to 100% transmission or 0% rejection after powering off or when starting a new measurement

Before testing

Before testing

Under testing

Under testing

Small test aperature

The test aperture of the instrument is 1mm, and the distance between the light source and the detector is 20mm which can measure large thickness materials

LCD screen, fashionable and easy for reading

Large LCD screen display, exquisite and stylish appearance, can be used in exhibitions and so on

Providing various display interfaces to choose

The spectrum transmission meter has two display interfaces in Chinese and English. Four interfaces can be selected:blue light/purple rejection+UV400

Using large LCD screen for easy reading

Real-time dynamic self-calibration function, which automatically calibrates to 100% transmittance after turning on

5V mobile power, easy to connect

Qualifications and Standards


No. Description Quantity Unit
1 LS108 Spectrum Transmission Meter 1 pcs
2 DC5V Adapter 1 pcs
3 User Manual 1 pcs
4 Certificate / warranty card 1 pcs
5 Packing box dimension 231*241*161 cm(L*W*H) 1 pcs
LS108 Spectrum transmission meter packaging
LS108 Spectrum transmission meter packaging


Spectrmicrons transmission meter measures the UV protection effect of sunglasses

Transmission Meter model selection

More about Linshang transmission meter price, product model selection, parameter comparison and question

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  1. 1. What does the UV400 value mean?

    Maximum UV rejection wavelength. For example: UV371 indicates that the maximum ultraviolet rejection wavelength of the tested lens is 371nm, which means that the total rejection effect of the lens on ultraviolet rays is calculated at 371nm.



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