LS108A Lens Transmission Meter

Suitable for testing the transmittance of IR inks

Test 850nm/940nm IR and 550nm visible light transmittace
Three data can be obtained by measuring one time
Test aperture:1 mm

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LS108A lens transmission meter is mainly used to measure IR ink hole of mobile phone lens. (It is also suitable for infrared ray transmittance testing of various products that use infrared technology, such as remote control windows, IR cut, etc.) The LS108A lens transmission meter use an infrared 850nm light source, an infrared 940nm light source and a visible 550nm light source to illuminate the transparent material under testing. The sensor detects the incident light intensity of the three light sources and the light intensity after passing through the transparent material. The ratio of the incident light intensity is the transmittance, expressed as a percentage. The test aperture is 1mm. Measured object whose size is greater than 1mm can be tested. Three data can be measured at a time.

LS108A transmission meter tests IR ink hole

LS108A transmission meter tests IR ink hole

LS108A transmission meter tests IR ink hole

LS108A transmission meter tests IR ink hole

LS108A transmission meter tests IR window

108A transmission meter tests IR window

LS108A transmission meter tests infrared cut filter

LS108A transmission meter tests infrared cut filter


Parameter LS108A Lens Transmission Meter
Measuring beam diameter ¢1mm
Infrared peakwavelength 850nm / 940nm
Visible light peak wavelength 550nm
Resolution 0.1%
Measurement accuracy ±2% (colorless uniform transparent material, 0-90% transmittance)
Weight About 1570g
Dimension 170mm x 180mm x 144mm(L*W*H)
Display 480px * 272px color LCD
Power supply DC5V/1A
lens transmission meter dimension
lens transmission meter reverse view


Three-in-one light source path design

Three light sources share a test hole and are equipped with alignment indicator LEDs for auxiliary alignment. Three data can be measured at a time

Three parameters can be measured at once, Three dispaly interfaces are available

The spectrum transmission meter can measure the 550nm visible light transmittance and the 850nm and 940nm infrared transmittance

Small test aperture, widely applicable

The aperture of test hole is 1mm, and the meter is not only suitable for measuring the transmittance of the IR ink hole of the mobile phone lens but also for the infrared transmittance test of various products with infrared technology, such as the remote control window and IR cut filter

Provide powerful computer software support

The light transmission meter is equipped with computer software, which can export the test results to the software. It can also use the computer software to judge the PASS/NG and count the number of tests. Using Type-C double-sided pluggable interface, you can also connect to computer software

Using large LCD screen for easy reading

Real-time dynamic self-calibration function, which automatically calibrates to 100% transmittance after turning on

5V mobile power, easy to connect

Qualifications and Standards


Lens transmission meter operation

Lens transmission meter measured the IR ink hole in mobile phone glass panel

Lens transmission meter measure the infrared window material

Use of L-shaped positioning plate of transmittance meter


No. Description Quantity Unit
1 LS108A lens transmission meter 1 pcs
2 DC5V Adapter 1 pcs
3 User Manual 1 pcs
4 Certificate / warranty card 1 pcs
5 Packing box dimension 231*241*161(L*W*H) 1 pcs
6 USB extension cable  1 pcs
lens transmission meter packaging
lens transmission meter packaging

Transmission Meter model selection

More about Linshang transmission meter price, product model selection, parameter comparison and question

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  1. 1. The difference between LS108A and LS108D

     The only difference is the detector hole diameter. The detector hole diameter of LS108A is 1mm, while the detector hole
     diameter of LS108D is 0.5mm. Since the detector hole diameter of LS108D lens transmission meter is smaller, so it is more
     suitable for measuring small-sized materials. 



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