LS108H Spectrum Transmission Meter

Test UV 365nm, IR 940nm Transmittance and 380-760nm VLT

Obtain three data by one measurement
Parallel light path design
1mm test aperture

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LS108H spectrum transmission meter is a desktop instrument, which is exclusively designed for optical transmittance test of various materials such as lens, glass, coating material, organic material and paint, etc. The test aperture of the meter is 1mm, which is suitable for the measurement of light transmittance, infrared and ultraviolet transmittance of small size materials. The flat bench-top meter is available for placing various test samples. The test is fast and accurate. Once the test material is placed on the meter, the test results will be displayed immediately. The meter use parallel light path design that can measure thick materials.

The LS108H optical transmittance tester use ultraviolet light source, infrared light source and visible light source to illuminate the transparent material. The sensor detects the incident light intensity of the three light sources and light intensity after passing through the transparent material under test. The ratio of the over light intensity to the incident light intensity is the transmittance shown in percentage.



It is suitable for measuring the transmittance of various uniform transparent materials, such as glass, PC, coated glass, IR hole on the remote control window, plastic, paint, lens, organic glass (acrylic), etc.


Parameter Value
UV peak wavelength 365nm
IR peak wavelength 940nm
Visible light 380nm-760nm full wavelength,in line with CIE photopic luminosity function
Resolution 0.1%
Measurement accuracy ±2% (colorless uniform transparent material, 0-90% transmittance)
Minimum test sample size ¢ 1mm
Dimension 170 mm ×180 mm ×144 mm (L*W*H)
Weight about 1570 g
Display 480px * 272px color LCD
Power supply DC5V/1A


Three-in-one light source path

Three light sources share a test hole, which can obtain 380nm-760nm visible light transmittance, 940nm infrared and 365nm ultraviolet transmittance in one measurement, easy to operate and save time

Parallel beam light design

Parallel light design enables stable and accurate results on testing large thickness materials

Small aperture

The test aperture is 1mm, applicable to test transmittance of small-sized materials

Real-time dynamic self-calibration

The light transmission meter has a real-time dynamic self-calibration function, which automatically calibrates to 100% transmittance after startup

LCD screen, fashionable and easy for reading

Large LCD screen display, exquisite and stylish appearance, can be used in exhibitions and so on

5V power supply

5V mobile power, easy to connect

Qualifications and Standards

Operation Video


No. Description Quantity Unit
1 LS108H Spectrum Transmission Meter 1 pcs
2 DC5V Adapter 1 pcs
3 User Manual 1 pcs
4 Certificate / warranty card 1 pcs
5 Packing box dimension 231*241*161cm(L*W*H) 1 pcs
LS108H PC material light transmittance tester packaging
LS108H PC material light transmittance tester packaging

Transmission Meter model selection

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  1. 1. The difference between LS108H and LS183 spectrum transmission meter

    Both LS183 and LS108H spectrum transmission meters can measure the transmittance of infrared, ultraviolet and visible light.

    1) LS183 use a card slot design with a detector hole diameter of 10mm and width between the light source and the receiver is 47mm. 

    2) LS108H use a desktop design, the detector hole diameter is only 1mm and the height between the light source and the receiver is 20mm. 

    LS108H is suitable for measuring small-sized materials and more widely used, so the price of LS183 is slightly higher. LS183 is suitable for measuring large-sized materials.