LS171 Colorimeter

LS171 Colorimeter


I. LS171 Colorimeter Introduction

LS171 colorimeter is a new instrument to provide color measurement and stable color comparisons for materials and products wherever color control is important. The instrument complies with relevant international CIE standards and GB standards. It adopts D/8 optical structure and is equipped with a high-precision sensor that complies with CIE. The instrument has good consistency and repeatability. LS171 colorimeter can be used with mobile APP for accurate color measurement and quality control. It is widely used in plastics, paint, printing, ceramics, textiles, automobiles and other industries. The instrument can restore the color of the collected sample and identify color difference. Using this affordable instrument will boost your color quality when color requirements are too stringent to depend on visual evaluation alone. It is more accurate and reliable than other basic colorimeters. It is a high-precision colorimeter with outstanding comprehensive functions and extremely cost-effective.

App smart colorimeter
App smart colorimeter

II. LS171 Colorimeter Application

As a portable colorimeter, LS171 is widely used in car paint spraying, test paper printing, leather fabrics, plastic metal, textile and clothing, hardware, furniture industry, plastics, rubber and other fields.

colorimeter test plastics
colorimeter test paint

III. LS171 Colorimeter Parameters

Illumination geometry D/8, Specular Component Include (SCI)
Illumination light source Full spectrum LED light source
Measuring aperture 8mm
Measurement conditions Light source D65, field of view 10°
Measuring time about 1s
Color spaces CIE Lab, Luv, LCh, Yxy, CMYK, RGB, Hex
Color difference formulas ΔE*ab, ΔE*uv, ΔE*94, ΔE*cmc(2:1), ΔE*cmc(1:1), ΔE*00
Repeatability Standard deviation ΔE*ab is within 0.03
(average value of 30 measurements on
whiteboard every 3s after calibration)
Power supply Rechargeable lithium battery 3.7V@700mAh,
can continuously measure 10,000 times under
full charge
Dimension 57×57×89.4mm (L*W*H)
Weight about126g
Display 0.96 inch OLED
Data   transmission Bluetooth
Charging port USB (Type-C)
Operating temperature 0~45℃, 0~85%RH   (no condensation)
Storing temperature -25~55℃,   0~85%RH (no condensation)
colorimeter structure
colorimeter structure

IV. LS171 Colorimeter Characteristics

1. Achieve stable color quality with the help of QC testing function when measuring color difference, after customizing the color difference threshold (tolerance value), it can automatically judge whether the color difference is qualified. The handheld colorimeter will also show the color cast direction.

Portable colorimeter QC testing
Portable colorimeter QC testing

2. Collect favorite colors anytime and anywhere. It can intelligently match multiple standard color charts and the matching accuracy of the color charts is greater than 90%. The mobile APP interface can directly restore the collected colors. Before we take the color measurement, we can select the color chart that we need first,  such as Pantone color chart.

colorimeter test computer
colorimeter test computer

3. A large amount of color can be stored in mobile APP, there is no need to carry heavy color cards.

4. Import and export color data via QQ, WeChat, email and other software.

color sharing with friends
color sharing with friends

5. The instrument has 7 color spaces and 6 color difference formulas provide color measurement and color comparisons for different industries.

color spaces and color formulas
color spaces and color formulas

6. Small size, can be held with one hand.

portable colorimeter
portable colorimeter

7. With OLED screen, it can be used alone, or it can be used with mobile phone APP (support Chinese and English).

8. The built-in lithium battery makes it safer and more convenient to use. It can continuously measure 10,000 times under full power.

9. Focus on color measurement and color difference identification, with repeatability ΔE*ab not higher than 0.03.

10. There is no need for black-and-white board calibration and the built-in compensation light path ensures stable measurement data without frequent calibration.    

white calibration board
white calibration board

V. Product Qualification and Standards

LS171 colorimeter meets the following standards:

GBT 3978-2008 Standard illuminants and geometric conditions

GBT 3979-2008 Methods for the measurement of object color

GBT 7921-2008 Uniform color space and color difference formula

GBT 11186.1-1989 Methods for measuring the color of paint films-Part 1: Principles

GBT 11186.2-1989 Methods for measuring the color of paint films-Part 2: Color measurement

GBT 11186.3-1989 Methods for measuring the color of paint films-Part 3: Calculation of color differences

JJG 595-2002 Colorimeters and Color Difference Meters

colorimeter CE  certificate
colorimeter CE certificate

VI. LS171 Colorimeter Packing details

No. Description Quantity Unit
1 LS171 colorimeter 1 pcs
2 USB data cable 1 pcs
3 Cleaning cloth 1 pcs
4 User manual 1 pcs
5 Certificate /   Warranty card 1 pcs
colorimeter packing
colorimeter packing

VII. LS171 Colorimeter After-sales Service

1. The colorimeter has one-year warranty. If the meter works abnormally, please send the whole colorimeter to our company for maintenance

2. Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services

3. Provide the users with the meter inspection service

4. Free technical support for long term