Linshang Portable Colorimeter Selection and FAQ

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Colorimeter (also named color difference meter) is widely used in paint, coatings, ink printing, packaging materials, leather fabrics, textiles, plastics and other industries. This article shows you how to choose a target colorimeter from the aspects of parameters, prices, application, principles and frequently asked questions. Linshang colorimeters contains 6 different models, which are divided into pocket colorimeters and handheld colorimeters. Among them, LS170/LS171 are pocket colorimeters, LS172/LS173/LS175 are handheld colorimeters, LS176 is spectrophotometers.

Colorimeter Features and Application

Pocket Colorimeter

LS170 and LS171 are pocket colorimeters, they are very small in size and easy to carry. LS170 adopts 45°/0° illumination geometry, and LS171 adopts D/8°Illumination geometry. Both of them need to be operated with mobile APP and can’t be used alone.

Small and easy to carry, 45°/0 illumination geometry
Need to be operated with mobile APP
Mainly used in printing and packaging industries
Small and easy to carry, D/8°illumination geometry
Need to be operated with mobile APP
Widely used in various industries

Smart Touch-screen Colorimeter

Equipped with 3.5-inch touch screen, providing smooth user operation experience and interactive interface. LS172 adopts 45°/0° illumination geometry, LS173 adopts D/8°Illumination geometry.

3.5-inch touch screen, 45°/0°illumination geometry
Touch screen, no Bluetooth transmission
Mainly used in printing and packaging industries
3.5-inch touch screen, D/8°illumination geometry
Touch screen, no Bluetooth transmission
Widely used in various industries

Smart Large-aperture Colorimeter

LS175 smart large-aperture colorimeter designed with a 20mm large measuring aperture, which is special for color measurement and comparison of textured or rough surface materials.

3.5-inch touch screen, 20mm measuring aperture
Touch screen, can also connect to APP
Suitable for textured or rough surface materials


LS176 adopts full-spectrum LED light source and spectral sensor design, D/8 illumination method. New horizontal test design to avoid instrument shaking that causes test results to deviate.

3.5 inch IPS color capacitive touchscreen
Advanced spectral sensor with curve fitting algorithm
Offer professional spectral reflectance curve
Good repeatability

Large Aperture Spectrocolorimeter

LS177 large aperture spectrocolorimeter adopts D/8 illumination geometry, with 50mm large test aperture, specialized in color measurement and color comparison of non-transparent materials such as powder, masterbatches and so on.

Powder and masterbatches color comparison
50mm large test aperture
Provide professional reflectance curves
WI-R457,WI-Hunter,YI-98 and other parameters measurement

Colorimeter Parameter Comparison

Model LS170 LS172 LS175 LS171 LS173 LS176 LS177
Illumination geometry 45/0 (45° annular illumination, 0° viewing angle) D/8, specular component include (SCI)
Application Printing, packaging materials, etc. Textured or rough surface materials such as textiles, leather and meat, etc. General colorimeter for plastic, paint, metal, ceramic, etc. Powder, masterbatches, granules,liquid paint, etc.
Measuring aperture 8mm 20mm 8mm 50mm
Operation Interface APP Touch Screen, APP, PC software APP Touch Screen, APP, PC software
Repeatability Standard deviation ΔE*ab is ≤ 0.03 (Measurement condition: the average value of 30 measurements   on the whiteboard at an interval of 3s after calibration)
Spectroscopic method None Integrated optical device
Color   space CIE Lab, Luv, LCh, Yxy, CMYK, RGB, Hex CIE Lab, Luv, LCh, Yxy, CMYK, RGB, WI-98, WI-Gauz, WI-Hunter, YI-98, WI-R457, Reflectance
Color   difference formula ΔE*ab, ΔE*uv, ΔE*94, ΔE*cmc(2:1), ΔE*cmc(1:1), ΔE*00
Measurement   conditions Light source D65 field of view 10°
Illumination   light source Full spectrum LED light source

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How accurate are Linshang colorimeters?

    The repeatability is an important parameter for the accuracy of the colorimeter. Linshang colorimeter standard deviation ΔE*ab is within 0.03 (Measurement condition: the average value of 30 measurements on the white board at an interval of 3s after calibration). This repeatability is very excellent among colorimeters at the same price. Each colorimeter can pass the qualified inspection before leaving the factory to ensure it conforms to the standard of China Metrology Institute.

  2. 2. Does the colorimeter provide a formula for color matching?

    Linshang colorimeters provide a color deviation prompt function according to the Lab value, which can provide a reference for color matching. It can only indicate blacker, whiter, redder, greener, yellower or bluer, but it cannot provide accurate color formulas. Only with the help of a spectrophotometer and professional color matching software can fully realized automated color matching.

  3. 3. D/8°and 45°/0°, which one is recommended?

    D/8°and 45°/0°are two kinds of illumination geometry with different optical geometry design. D/8°illumination geometry is more widely used for the color comparison and measurement of high-gloss materials; 45°/0°illumination geometry is mainly used in printing and packaging industries.

  4. 4. Can the colorimeter measure light-transmitting materials (such as colored glass and film)?

    Since part of the light will pass through the light-transmitting materials, the colorimeter is not suitable for color measurement of such kinds of materials; however, when place a pure color material with uniform texture under the light-transmitting material, we can measure the color difference between the standard and the sample.

  5. 5. Can the colorimeter measure powder and liquid?

    Opaque liquids and powders can be put into a cuvette for color measurement.

  6. 6.Do you support customization of your products?

    We support customization, we provide OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer).

  7. 7.Are you a manufacturer or trade company?

    We are factory , we have engineers for researching & designing  and workers for produce and operate etc, we could support you one-stop products and service.