How to Control the Color Difference of Wall Paint?

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Primer refers to a paint applied directly to the object surface as a solid foundation for topcoat. It is required to adhere firmly on the object surface to increase the adhesion of the upper coating and improve the decorativeness of the topcoat. According to the painting requirements, it can be divided into first primer and second primer.

The top coat, also known as the final coat, is the last coat of paint applied in multiple coats. It should have good resistance to external conditions and a protective effect on the primer layer. For topcoats used outdoors, use paints with excellent weather resistance.


1. Different ingredients

The primer is used as the auxiliary paint of the topcoat. Its transparent paint and solid color primer are composed of film-forming substances, fillers, solvents and additives; while the transparent colored topcoat is composed of the transparent topcoat. The difference in the composition of the primer and the topcoat determines its own characteristics, properties and uses. The decorative effect and anti-aging effect of the topcoat are strong, while the adhesion and texture of the primer are relatively strong.

2. Different performance

Primers and topcoats are also very different in performance. Primers are generally divided into sealing paints and primers. Sealing agents are mainly used to seal substrates, protect plates and ensure coating quality. While primers are mainly used to fill the pores, increase the coating film thickness, reduce the amount of topcoat, etc .The function of the topcoat is mainly to play the role of decoration and protection, it must be gloss, color, hardness, adhesion, leveling, etc.

3. Different prices

The prices of lacquers and topcoats on the market are also different due to their own uses and ingredients. Those who value the quality of decoration will choose a good primer, while those who value the effect of decoration will choose a better topcoat. It is recommended that both quality and decorative effect need to be given equal attention. The prices of primers and topcoats on the market are between 100-300 RMB per barrel, but they will also change due to some external factors and prices.

From a conceptual point of view, the difference between wall primer and topcoat is that one is applied directly to the wall and the other is applied to the surface. The colorful topcoat needs to be backed by a primer. The topcoat supports the face of the primer.

4. How to control the color difference of wall paint?

Various colors of wall paint can affect the overall decoration effect of the house. Different styles of decoration design and matching wall paint colors are also exquisite. If the wall paint color does not meet the requirements, it will look very uncoordinated.

Since there are many factors influencing the color difference of wall paint, it is easy for deviation from wall design to completion. In order to ensure the overall decoration style, we need to strictly control the color difference of the wall paint. The traditional manual color matching method is affected by various factors such as the light source, surrounding environment, observation angle, sample size and observer's own conditions at the time of detection. So it is not accurate to control the color difference of the wall paint. Therefore, more and more wall paint manufacturers have adopted high-precision colorimeters.

The colorimeter can accurately measure the color difference between the two color sources by simulating the process of the human eye seeing color. It is expressed by values such as Lab, ΔE, etc. The color of the wall paint is distorted. The high-precision colorimeter can also be connected to professional color matching software to generate a spot paint color formula with one click, so that the color of the top paint is more accurate.

Through the professional colorimeter, you can control the color of the topcoat in all aspects of wall paint deployment, worker construction, and owner acceptance, so as to ensure the overall decoration quality.



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