How to Measure and Improve the Gloss of Spray Paint?

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1. Method for improving gloss of spray paint

Spray gloss refers to a characteristic of the car surface after it is sprayed with paint. It depends on the ability of the sprayed surface to reflect light. It has a lot to do with the uniformity of the spray paint, the flatness of the floor surface and the characteristics of the paint material. If the gloss of the car paint is not good, you can enhance the surface gloss by polishing and waxing.

spray paint

In the specific spray painting process, the gloss can be improved in the following ways:

(1) Reduce pigment fineness

The thickness of the pigment particle size in the coating will affect the gloss of the paint film. The finer the pigment fineness, the better the uniformity of dispersion in the base material and the smoother the paint film.

(2) Reduce yankee ratio

Yankee ratio is the ratio of pigment to resin in the coating. Decreasing it can increase the content of resin, improve the fluidity of the coating, reduce the settling rate of colloid, reduce pigment flocculation, protect the pump and reduce material consumption.

(3) Select the right paint solvent

The type of solvent used in the paint directly affects the speed of volatilization. The volatilization speed will affect the flatness of the paint film and reduce the gloss of the paint film.

2. How to check the gloss of spray paint?

paint gloss meter

Of course, the gloss of the spray paint is not good. It is difficult to directly distinguish the gloss with the naked eye. Especially under different light sources, the human eye judges the gloss of the spray paint very differently. Therefore, if you want to accurately determine the gloss of spray paint, you need to use the LS192 paint gloss meter to measure the gloss. Most paint gloss meters measure the surface reflectance of objects, which is called specular glossiness measurement instrument. The measurement results are different depending on the angle of incidence selected during the measurement. Linshang LS192 60-degree angle paint gloss meter light should be placed on the painted material surface during measurement, according to the light source and receiver opening angle conditions. The reflected light flux of the painted material in the specular reflection direction and the reflection of the glass standard in the specular reflection direction. The ratio of light to luminous flux is converted into data by electronic calculation and displayed on the LCD screen of the instrument. The display interface of the LS192 paint gloss meter has a statistical function, which can display the maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation of the test. This feature can be used to analyze the uniformity of the surface gloss of the spray paint.