How to use a paint gloss meter to determine the glossiness?

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The application of paint is often seen in our daily life, and we can notice that the painted surface is shiny. Paint finish (or sheen) refers to the amount of light that the paint reflects from its surface. The higher the gloss of the paint film, the stronger its ability to reflect light and the higher the brightness. For decorative paint coatings, paint gloss is an important indicator, and we can use a paint gloss meter to detect it.

Gloss meter to measure wood paint surface
Gloss meter to measure wood paint surface

Differences between matte and gloss paint

The most common categories of paint finish are matt and gloss with a wide range of variants between the two, ranging from dull to shiny. Before measuring the gloss of paint, let's understand the difference between the two:

  • The first is the glossiness of the two. The glossiness of the matte paint is lower than that of the glossy paint. It can be clearly seen from the numerical value when using a paint gloss meter. The matte paint surface is soft and foggy, and can be used indoors; the glossy paint is as smooth as a mirror, and it is shiny, and it will feel uncomfortable when used indoors;

  • The second is the stain resistance of the two. When the matte paint is stained, it will become dark overall, while the glossy paint is prone to partial rain marks, which looks more flowery;

  • The last is the price of the two. Due to the process, the price of glossy paint is higher than that of matte paint.

Paint gloss angle choice

Paint gloss is closely related to the thickness and smoothness of the paint film. When using a paint gloss meter, the gloss measured at different angles may also be different. According to the standard in "JGBT9754-2007 Paints and varnishes without metallic pigments, the paint film without metallic pigments", the glossiness greater than 70G is judged as high glossiness, the glossiness is 10-70GU, and the glossiness is lower than 10GU. Low gloss. The uses of paints with different gloss levels are also different. For example, in the application of wood lacquer, high-gloss paint has a full film and is often used for floor painting; semi-matte paint has soft light and fine film, and is mostly used for door or furniture finishing.

Generally, 60° is a common angle, which is suitable for most materials, 20° is suitable for high-gloss paint films, and 85° is suitable for low-gloss paint films. Among Linshang precision gloss meters, the general-purpose 60° gloss meter is the main one, and there is also LS197 three-angle gloss meter that meets customer needs. When measuring with a three-angle gloss meter, in addition to measuring three angles together, you can choose single-angle measurement or two-angle measurement.

ls197 angle choice
ls197 angle choice

How to use the paint gloss meter and precautions

Using a paint gloss meter to judge paint gloss is a more commonly used method at present. Generally, the glossiness of the paint surface is measured at 60°, which is sufficient. It is recommended to use LS195 gloss meter, which is designed with a universal angle and has a maximum range of 200GU, which is very suitable for the measurement of general paint surfaces.

  1. When using the LS195 gloss meter for the first time, open the bottom cover, remove the protective paper, close the bottom cover again, and turn it on for a calibration; the instrument has a temperature compensation function, which does not require frequent calibration, only when the temperature difference is large;

  2. After the calibration is completed, open the bottom cover and place it on the paint surface to be tested; note that the paint surface should be kept flat and free of stains;

  3. In the normal mode of the paint gloss meter, it can be tested immediately after release, and the measurement result can be seen on the screen immediately;

  4. According to the measured data, the gloss of the paint surface can be judged;

  5. The instrument also has a QC measurement mode. In the quality inspection process, upper and lower limits can be set to check whether the glossiness of the paint surface meets the standard.

Measured car paint surface
Measured car paint surface


When using the Linshang Precision Gloss Meter, the following items need to be paid attention to:

  • The instrument has a temperature compensation function and does not need to be calibrated frequently, only when the temperature difference is la

  • When calibrating, it is necessary to keep the standard plate clean and free of scratches and stains;

  • When using, pay attention to keep the paint surface smooth and free of stains;

  • In the QC measurement mode, the upper and lower limit values need to be connected to the PC to change;

The above is the content of using the paint gloss meter to judge the paint gloss. The LS195 paint gloss meter recommended by everyone can be used to test the surface gloss of paint, coating, ink and other products. It meets the national first-class working machine standard and is very cost-effective. Linshang Technology, as a gloss meter manufacturer in Guangdong, has been focusing on the instrument itself for many years, and strives to bring you instruments that are simple to measure, cost-effective, and durable. It is the best choice for choosing a gloss meter.