Window Tint Meter Calibration

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Window film of the automotive is concerned by many people .Why should the automotive windshield be filmed? Below are some reasons

  1. Reduce glare and increase driver comfor

  2. Block a lot of harmful ultraviolet rays, prevent the faded deformation of the related dashboards and accessories in the car, etc.

  3. Reduce the humidity inside the car

  4. Reduce air conditioning load and improve fuel efficiency

  5. Do not weaken the sight of driver at night or when there is insufficient light

  6. Helps to fix pieces of broken glass in the event of an accident

  7. Safety explosion-proof, anti-theft

  8. One-way perspective to protect the owner's in-car privacy

So how do you choose a good solar film? There are three important parameters for detecting solar film quality, infrared rejection rate, UV rejection rate and visible light transmittance.     

A suitable window tint meter will help you solve this problem.

window tint meter test the glass

Linshang LS110H window tint metertest the glass

Linshang LS110H window tint meter is a split solar film transmission meter designed to detect automotive front windshields. This instrument tests UV waveband at 365nm, visible light at 550nm, infrared waveband at 1400nm . Linshang window tint meters provide window tint meter calibration. When the power is turned on, the instrument will perform self-calibration. After the self-calibration is completed, the measurement can be started. No sample should be placed in the test slot during calibration.



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