How to Distinguish the Quality of the Solar Film?

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The quality of the solar film can be distinguished from light transmission properties, UV-blocking properties, thermal insulation properties, and explosion-proof properties. The solar film transmission meter is an essential instrument for auxiliary sales.
     As people's living standards improve, more and more people buy cars. This has stimulated the rapid development of the solar film market. There are thousands of domestic and foreign brands, and the quality and price are also uneven. How to distinguish between good and bad in such a chaotic solar film market? You can distinguish the quality of solar film from the following points:

LS180 Solar Transmission Meter

LS180 Solar film transmission meter

  1. Good light transmission performance: the light transmittance of high-quality solar film regardless of the depth of the color can be as high as 90%, the transparency is very high. The light transmittance of the good front film is generally more than 70%, which is also in line with the related requirements of usage.

  2. Good UV-blocking performance: the UV rejection rate of some high-quality film can reach more than 98% and some can achieve full barrier. It can effectively prevent people or equipment in the car from being sunburned by excessive ultraviolet radiation. The ordinary solar film can’t prevent the Ultraviolet ray effectively.

  3. Good thermal insulation performance: infrared is the main source of heat, good quality solar film can reflect a large amount of infrared light in the sun, reduce the temperature inside the car, protect the relevant equipment on the car, reduce losses and extend the service life of air conditioner.

  4. Good explosion-proof performance: good solar film is made of many layers of plastic glue which can produce great viscosity in the event of an accident. So that glass fragments will not fly everywhere which prevent us from damage.

  5. Not easy to fade, long service life: good film use bulk infiltration and sputtering metal coloring method to color the film. The low quality solar film is mostly colored by the viscose method, and it is not resistant to the sun. After a long time, it will fade and affect the line of sight.

The quality of the solar film is closely related to the light transmission performance, the ultraviolet shielding performance, the thermal insulation property, and the explosion-proof property. The solar film sellers must have a set of solar film transmission meter.
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