Window Tint Meter | Pros and Selection Methods of Architectural Membrane

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Architectural film is made of multi-layer ultra-thin high-transparency polyester film by dyeing, magnetron sputtering, lamination and other processes. It has super toughness, which can alleviate the defects of low flexural strength of glass and fragile impact. It greatly improves the impact strength of the glass, which can avoid the personal injury accidents caused by the glass breaking and falling off. At the same time, it has the functions of protection and anti-theft. When the architectural membrane is used in home decoration, it will produce unexpected effects.

1. The advantages of using architectural membrane for home decoration:

(1) Low price: The architectural film is just a transparent film coated on glass. If you want to transform the old building window system with low efficiency, unsafe and outdated style, the film is a time-saving, energy-saving and safe choice. Compared to architectural membranes, it is cheaper to buy a glass with the same performance.
        (2) Insulation: This film is attached to the glass surface so that the room can transmit visible light and near infrared light, but cannot transmit far infrared light. Therefore, enough light enters the room and reflects the heat of the solar energy. In the hot summer, the indoor temperature will not rise too much, thereby reducing the indoor air-conditioning load, saving air-conditioning costs and energy.
        (3) Safety: When the ordinary glass is pasted with the architectural film, it will greatly increase its toughness. When the glass breaks, the fragments will not appear to splash, avoiding accidental injury to adults or children. At the same time, architectural membranes can also help increase the anti-theft performance of glass.
        (4) Covering privacy: There is a kind of membrane in architectural membrane called privacy membrane. The privacy film has fashionable and gorgeous colors, excellent one-way perspective effect.

2. How to choose architectural membrane?

At present, there are many ways to identify architectural membranes. Professionals can identify whether they are high-quality membranes by touching and observing them. The high-quality film is thick and smooth to the touch, with high definition and a slight fragrance. However, some manufacturers of low-quality films are enough to achieve the effect of being fake and real, and it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish their quality. In the selection of architectural membranes, professional instruments should be used for identification.
        LS160 window tint meter is a compact three-band tester for automotive membranes, suitable for testing all kinds of thin-film products. This window tint meter can test rejection rate, of infrared rays, UV and light transmittance of visible light. For the accurate display of the measurement results, it has a professional persuasion.

In addition, the operation of the LS160 window tint meteris simple and convenient. It can be operated after viewing the instructions. It does not require professional guidance. It is an indispensable tool for architectural membrane selection.



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