What is the Difference between LS108A and LS108 Transmissin Meters?

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Some customers asked that the appearance of Linshang LS108A and LS108 transmission meters looks the same,so what is the difference between the two instruments? In fact,although these two instruments look very similar,they are actually different in nature. The main differences are as follows:

1.Different measurable light sources

LS108 transmission meter is also known as blue-violet tester.The measurable light sources are violet light with a peak wavelength of 395nm,blue light with a peak wavelength of 430nm and visible light with a peak wavelength of 550nm.The LS108A lens transmissin meter can measure visible light with a peak wavelength of 550nm and infrared light with a peak wavelength of 850nm or 940nm.

2.Different test apertures

  The test aperture of the LS108 transmission meter is 3mm and the test aperture of the LS108A transmission meter is 1mm, which can measure smaller materials.

3. Different application industries

transmission meters

    LS108 transmission meteris mainly suitable for blue light test,light transmittance test and anti-violet light test of light-transmitting materials such as eyeglass lenses, organic materials,anti-blue light materials,coating materials and PC materials.The LS108A lens transmission meteris mainly used to detect infrared IR ink photosensitive holes,such as mobile phones,remote controls,etc.By detecting the transmittance of the infrared photosensitive hole, we can know whether the photosensitive hole product is qualified.

4.Different configurations

The LS108 transmission meter is not equipped with software.The LS108A transmission meter has a USB interface with computer software.It can realize real-time display of data during the production testing process,count the number of qualified samples,set upper and lower limits, qualified determination, etc.

5.Prices are different

The price of the LS108 transmission meter is $350.The price of the LS108A lens transmission meter is $190.
      In fact,the LS108A and LS108 transmissin meters only look similar in appearance.They are two completely different instruments and are very easy to distinguish. You can choose according to your needs.



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