Light Transmission Rate Measurement of PMMA Material

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Acrylic is also called PMMA or plexiglass. Due to the performance advantages of materials, it is widely used in more and more industries. It is mainly applied to the construction industry, advertising industry, transportation industry, etc. The portable light transmission meter can measure the light transmission of acrylic PMMA materials.
    Recently, a customer consulted a portable light transmission meter. His sample was a 3mm thick acrylic PMMA material with a aperture size of 3-4mm. He needed to test the transmittance of infrared at 940nm. He believes that the LS108A can meet his needs. From the customer's point of view, we recommend customers to buy the LS108H
portable light transmission meter, both of which can test the transmittance of infrared 940nm. To measure the test transmittance of glass above 2mm, we recommend the customer to use the LS108H portable light transmission meter. Because the LS108A lens transmission meter is a diffuse light source design, specifically for the mobile phone lens industry with accurate test data. When the material is thicker, we suggest the LS108H portable light transmission meter. The LS108H portable light transmission meter is an instrument designed for parallel light sources. Material thickness has little effect on test data.

LS108D portable  light transmission meter

If you still have doubts, you can send samples to our company for free testing. All of our company's instruments are provided with a one-month return service, you can also buy one meter to make test yourself. 



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