Mobile Phone Lens Light Transmission Meter Software Operation

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For beginners, the computer software that uses the phone lens light transmission meter may encounter various problems. Now I will mainly introduce how to use the computer software of the phone lens light transmission meter to record the test data.

First, prepare one piece of phone covers, one mobile phone lens light transmission meter LS108D and one computer.

lens light transmission meter

What we need to measure separately is the light transmittance of the photosensitive hole on the cover of the mobile phone and the infrared transmittance of the IR ink hole. LS108D mobile phone lens light transmission meter can measure the transmittance of visible light 550nm, infrared light 940nm and 850nm transmittance. Therefore, we only need to change the measurement position to complete multiple transmittance tests on a mobile phone cover.

  1. Connect the lens light transmission meter to the computer first, then turn it on, and wait until the instrument is automatically calibrated before clicking on the software on the computer.

  2. If the indicator in the upper left corner of the software is green, the connection is successful; if the indicator is gray, the connection is unsuccessful. At this time, you need to disconnect the instrument from the computer software, reconnect it and open the software.

  3. Next we can set the upper and lower limits of the transmittance on the computer software. If we need to test the 550nm transmittance data, we need to select “550nm” first, then input the upper and lower limits. The data for each test will then be displayed below the software interface. If the test data is in range, a "PASS" LOGO with green background will be displayed. If the data is not within this range, it will be displayed as a "NG" logo with a red background.

  4. After completing the above steps, you can start measuring. The measuring aperture of the mobile phone cover tester is only 0.5mm, so we must ensure that the IR ink hole and the photosensitive hole are aligned with the measuring hole. Therefore, we can use an "L" type bracket that comes standard with the instrument. After confirming that the test hole of the phone cover is just aligned with the test hole, the bracket can be fixed on the instrument. Each time the cover of the mobile phone can be embedded in the bracket, it can significantly improve the detection efficiency.

  5. There are three counting methods for the test after connecting the computer software. The user can trigger the counting through the button or mouse, or set the instrument to automatically trigger the counting. When we have a large number of phone covers to measure, it is recommended to use the automatic counting mode. 

Button trigger: There is a count button on the instrument. You can press it when you need to count a transmittance.

Mouse trigger: Use the mouse to click the “count” button on the software interface after the measurement.

Automatic trigger: When the measured object meets the set judgment condition, the instrument automatically counts and judges pass or NG.

The above is our experience on the computer software of the mobile phone lens light transmission meter. If you have other problems encountered during the use, please feel free to contact us by email. 



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