Solar Film Transmission Meter Manufacturer Teach You how to Choose Suitable Model

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The Solar Film Transmission Meter of Linshang Technology can test the IR rejection rate(heat insulating rate),UV rejection rate and visible light transmittance.Different customers need different instruments according to their requirements.

  1. For customers who need to go out to demos, it is recommended to buy portable Solar Film Transmission MeterLS160, LS160A or LS162, LS162A. These four instruments have a small size of about an iPhone, can be powered by AAA batteries power, the latest products can directly display the rejection rate. The difference between LS160 series and LS162 series is the size of the card slot, the former is suitable for measuring solar film, the latter can measure both solar film and filmed glass.

  2. For customers who only need to demonstrate in the store, the request of the accuracy is not too high, you can choose LS101, this product adopt a scattered light design, different sample placement will cause little deviation, the price is RMB 450.

  3. For those customers who have higher requirements of accuracy, you can choose LS181 and LS180, these two products adopt parallel light design, the sample placement and thickness don’t affect their test results; 5V power supply, can be directly charged with the charge bank, also can be connected to the computer and get electricity via USB line; The price is RMB 800 and RMB 1280 respectively.

  4. LS182 solar film transmission meter, the first instrument in the market which can test five kinds of wavelength,,IR rejection rate can be measured at 950nm, 1400nm and the average of these two wavelength at the same time. Besides,it can measure the solar heat gain coefficient(also named SHGC)parameters, it’s applicable to a variety of solar films and the high-end solar film transmission meter, The price is RMB 1800.

  5. IR Power Meter LS122 and UV Power Meter LS123: the former can test the infrared rejection rate and the IR intensity, The latter can test UV rejection rate and UV intensity. The latest version can automatically conversion rejection rate, They can be powered by 4 AAA batteries.And it’s easy to carry, We can use it alone or with other accessories, the effect are both intuitive, The price is RMB 470.

  6. Solar Film Temperature Meter LS300 and LS301, professional for testing solar film insulation temperature, can compare the insulation effect of two different materials at the same time, directly display the temperature difference, is a hand-induced Solar Film Temperature Meter. The LS301 also shows the infrared thermal insulation value of the measured material. The Price of LS300 is RMB 900, and LS301is RMB 1000 .

  7. Solar Film Sales Kits SK1150, SK1250, FS2150, specializing in displaying the reflection and transmittance performance of solar film, heat insulating glass and other materials, as well as UV-isolated performance.They are equipped with special aluminum box and convenient to carry out.The blade rotation speed of glass radiometer is proportional to the intensity of light, so the heat insulating effect of the solar film is directly displayed as the rotation speed of the blade of the glass radiometer. The price is RMB 1860, RMB 1860,RMB 2290 respectively. The above product price is excluding the tax and the shipping cost.


The Solar Film Transmission Meter of Linshang Technology named after "LS" series has experienced nearly 10 years since 2008, in order to better meet the needs of the broad masses of customers, Our products are still constantly upgrading and innovating, "LS" is the acronym of Linshang, all the models named after “LS” are both researched and manufactured by our company, we have independent intellectual property rights and patents. If you need to buy the Solar Film Transmission Meter, please choose "LS" brand.

If you're still struggling which solar film transmission meter to buy? Welcome to send email to, Our customer service will provide you with the most professional recommendations, After that you can choose and buy our products in the shop online : Aliexpress Linshang official store.

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