LS160A Automotive Window Film Transmission Meter

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Summer is approaching, the people who need to buy window film for their car will be more and more, but the market there are many kinds of solar films, How to make a more correct choice? When choosing a solar film, you need to consider heat insulation and light transmittance. According to the Chinese Ministry of Public Security Traffic Law About the transmittance of the front of the car glass, the transmittance of the windshield glass can not be less than 70%.
       Now in the market there are many kinds of insulation film and explosion-proof film.The naked eye is unable to distinguish whether the good is good, but in order to judging the film's heat insulation and light transmittance performance, you can use Linshang LS160A  Automotive Window Film Transmission Meter.

LS160A  Automotive Window Film Transmission Meter

The characteristics of LS160A Automotive Solar Film Transmission Meter

  1. Small size, truly pocket product.

  2. Suitable for various types of film products and it’s used to display film performance, production operation, quality testing,inspection and other occasions .

  3. Infrared rejection rate meter, ultraviolet rejection rate meter, and the visible light transmittance meter three function in one device .

  4. Simple operation, rapid measurement, when we put measured objects into the slot, it will immediately display three test results.

The test slot LS160A automotive window film transmission meter is 0.8mm. The infrared light source has the peak wavelength 1400nm. LS160A solar film transmission meter is suitable for the heat insulation and UV rejection test of automotive solar film, explosion-proof film. As a auxiliary sales tools of solar film , when the salesman needs to promote their window film to their customers door-to-door, carrying a mini and portable LS160A Automotive Window Film Transmission Meter is very good choice.