Thickness requirements of aluminum alloy paint | Coating Thickness Gauge

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1. Paint spray film thickness standards

The paint film thickness of different properties will be different. Here are the reference thicknesses of several coatings: general coating is 30-40μm; decorative coating is 35-45μm; protective coating 125-130μm; wear-resistant coating is 130-150μm; thick coating with high solid content is 700-1000μm; Generally speaking, the paint film of the same thickness is better in multiple coatings than one coating. At present, the general parts of steel beams are sprayed with primer and topcoat twice. The total dry film thickness is 150-200 μm, that is, the degree is 40-50 μm. Individual vulnerable areas or difficult working conditions should also increase the degree of paint to make the paint film thickness thicker.

2. What is the thickness of the paint?

 The paint film must reach certain thickness standard, so the measurement of the paint film thickness is very important. The measurement thickness can be measured after drying. The paint film thickness requirements of aluminum alloy baking products produced by different manufacturers are different. For example: the thickness of the powder coating of outdoor parts should be 100 ~ 150μm. In order to accurately evaluate the thickness of aluminum alloy baking paint film, a common method is to use a coating thickness gauge.

 3. Method for detecting thickness of aluminum alloy paint film

 There are relatively many coating thickness gauges on the market, but in terms of cost-effectiveness and instrument function, we recommend Linshang coating thickness gauges. The Linshang coating thickness gaugeis mainly divided into 5 models: LS220, LS220B, LS221, LS220H, LS223 + F3N3, LS223 + F5N5. These five instruments are different and users can choose according to their needs.

coating thickness gauge

LS220H coating thickness gaugemeasure paint thickness on metal

The aluminum alloy paint is different from the above paint spraying. It has stricter control over the film thickness. In order to help users non-destructively detect the thickness of the aluminum alloy paint film, the eddy current method can be used.
      Eddy current coating thickness gauge is equipped with a high frequency electromagnetic field. When the probe is in contact with a conductor that contains a cover, the electromagnetic field generates eddy currents in the cover. The amplitude and phase of the eddy current are a function of the non-conductive layer covering layer existing between the covering layer and the probe, and the thickness of the paint film is calculated by the function.
      When using an eddy current thickness gauge to test the thickness of the aluminum alloy paint film. First let’s make zero adjustment. After completing the zero adjustment, press the probe vertically on the surface of the measurement object. The coating thickness will be immediately displayed on the interface.



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