Plating Thickness Measuring Instrument for Detecting Anti-corrosion Coating

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The natural gas pipeline that many people have imagined is buried deep underground, but some natural gas management is exposed. Outdoor natural gas pipelines need to meet “SY/T 0407-2012” “pre-painting steel surface treatment specifications”. 

1. Why it is necessary to test the anti-corrosive coating thickness?

According to relevant statistics, the annual loss caused by metal corrosion in China accounts for about 5% of the national economic value, and the loss of natural gas leakage caused by pipeline corrosion accounts for a large proportion.The corrosion of natural gas pipeline mainly due to the anti-corrosion thickness is not up to a predetermined thickness.  An anti-corrosion plating thickness measuring instrument is required for natural gas pipeline anticorrosive coatings thickness detection.

2. Natural gas pipeline anti-corrosion coating thickness standard:

The natural gas pipeline anti-corrosion layer coating thickness is different from that of the ground. The degree of corrosion in the ground depends on the nature of the soil. The ordinary anti-corrosion layer is 3mm and the reinforced anti-corrosion layer is 6mm. On the ground, 3PE is generally used for anti-corrosion, for a total of three layers. The first layer can be selected as a primer depending on the diameter of the tube and the operating temperature, and the thickness is usually 50 μm. The second layer acts as a adhesion, typically 250-400 μm. The third layer is primarily protective and has a thickness of typically 1.5-3 mm. If the anti-corrosion coating is good enough, there will be an anti-UV coating with a thickness of 30-40μm.

223 plating thickness measuring  instrument
Plating thickness measuring instrument for detecting the anti-corrosion plating thickness

3. LS223 plating thickness tester

Linshang plating thickness measuring instrument is designed to detect the anti-corrosion coating thickness. The following advantages make this instrument

(1) Simple operation

Most plating thickness measuring instruments require multiple sheets of different thicknesses to be calibrated prior to testing to ensure the accuracy of the test data. However, the Linshang LS223 anti-corrosion plating thickness measuring instrument adopts the design of triggering automatic start-up. It only needs zero adjustment after starting up, and it can be tested without complicated calibration, and the measurement accuracy can be guaranteed.

(2) Measurement accuracy conforms to national standards

The Linshang plating thickness measuring instrument ensures the stability and test accuracy of the instrument before delivering. And the measurement accuracy conforms to Chinese national standards.

(3) Wide measurement range

The thickness of the anti-corrosion coating has different requirements. The ordinary plating thickness measuring instrument has a range of up to 2000 μm, that is, 2 mm. The Linshang LS223 anti-corrosion plating thickness measuring instrument adopts a split design and the probe is flexible and replaceable. There are two probes available for measuring 3mm and 5mm. 
        Such an excellent anti-corrosion plating thickness measuring instrument, you deserve it!