Automotive paint protection films coating thickness gauge

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The paint protection film, also called PPF can protect the car paint surface from oxidation, and can also automatically repair the scratches on the car. It is a high-end car paint protection product, which can improve the gloss of the car after being attached to the car. For the various parameters of the paint protection film, Linshang paint protection films thickness gauge, gloss meter and solar film test can be used for testing.

PPF contains anti-UV polymer, anti-yellowing, and also has superior toughness, wear resistance, easy adhesion, and anti-collision function. And the paint protection film can be closely attached to the car paint surface, and the car paint surface is insulated from the air to prevent the paint surface from oxidizing and acid rain.

paint protection film

In fact, there are three reasons why the paint protection films are most attractive to customers:

1. Automatic repair

When the car is scratched, it will leave obvious marks or notches, but the car with the paint protection film will protect the car from being damaged after being hit, and the car has an automatic repair function. The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber) molecules on the films will fissure and slowly extend to achieve a self-healing effect.

2. Improve car gloss

Cars with paint protection film will not be oxidized, scratched and lose their luster, and it will also improve the gloss of automotive paint 5%-20%.

3. Long-term effective

PPF can last up to 10 years, and when you tear off your car, the car will be as bright as the one you just bought.

Although the car has many advantages, but the shortcomings are also very obvious, that is, the price. The price of the car is ranging from 2K-5W RMB. If you need to buy a car, it is recommended to buy a famous brand, although the price is expensive, the after-sales is very perfect.

After talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the paint protection film. Now look at the performance of the paint protection film. The thickness of the paint protection film determines the toughness of the paint protection film. If the paint protection film are too thin, the car paint may be damaged due to serious friction, so don't choose thin paint protection film. You can use Linshang PPF coating thickness gauge to check the thickness of the paint protection film.


LS220 paint protection films thickness gauge

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