High precision coating thickness gauge for used car

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The high-precision coating thickness gaugeis an artifact in the hands of used car appraisers, because it can identify the invisible details of the naked eye. whether a car has been repaired or repainted can all be detected.The second-hand car appraisers specialize in identifying used cars. They have such an artifact in their hands, which is a high-precision coating thickness gauge. This meter is used to detect the thickness of used car paint. Many car repairs or sheet metal repairs can not be recognized by the naked eye, so professional second-hand car appraisers also need professional meter to help with the identification.

Coating Thickness Gauge

The high-precision coating thickness gauge LS220 is developed and produced by Linshang Technology for the evaluation of used cars. This meter has only a large palm, small size and light weight, it is very convenient to carry around.

gloss meter

Since it is specially developed for the production and evaluation of used cars, the meter characteristics also serve the second-hand car evaluation . For example, the LS220 high-precision coating thickness gauge does not require calibration and can start measuring after zero setting  with stable zero position. This feature mainly reflects the simple and fast operation, which can help the used car appraisers improve the detection efficiency. The meter can start measuring by simple zero setting, and it is not necessary to set the zero for many times. Another example is the temperature compensation function of the LS220. Some used cars are placed indoors, some are placed outdoors, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large in winter. The temperature compensation function ensures that the test data of the meter is accurate as in a constant temperature environment. Besides these advantages, LS220 also has a number of practical features.

Linshang Technology not only produce high-precision coating thickness gauge such as LS220 , but also produce theLS191 gloss meter, which are all used to detect the surface of the car cover.